Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Everyone has a favorite sleeping position. It’s that go-to position, the comfortable one that provides the best night’s sleep. Despite the fact that people often change positions several times throughout the night, you’re likely to begin the night and wake up in the morning in your favorite sleeping position. Interestingly, for most people, that’s a side sleeping position. 

Unfortunately, the older and saggier your mattress becomes, the less enjoyable it is to sleep on your side. Lacking the support that your body needs for genuine comfort, an old mattress makes side sleeping decidedly uncomfortable, causing you to wake up feeling achy and untested. That’s part of the reason that experts suggest replacing your mattress every seven years. It’s also why purchasing a mattress specifically designed for your sleeping position is so helpful.

Created to support the curves and muscles of your body, the best mattresses for side sleepers meet several different needs. From pressure-relief to budgetary considerations, among others, mattresses designed for side sleepers offer the benefits that many people seek. Therefore, we present several selections for side sleepers here to inspire your mattress shopping. Each of them is a queen-size Mlily mattress with a 10 year warranty. Equally important, their advantages fulfill both the needs and desires expressed by so many mattress shoppers.

The Feel and Pressure-Relieving Qualities of Memory Foam


Sometimes a mattress provides pure pleasure. Relieving pressure points most commonly experienced by side sleepers, such as hips and shoulders, the right mattress offers complete comfort. Such is the case with our Mlily Serenity 13” Memory Foam Mattress with Bamboo Cover. Devised of high density memory foam, this is pressure-relieving comfort at its best.


It’s the lushness of this mattress that is so appealing. The result of the Serenity pillow top coupled with multiple layers of memory foam, it features our three most popular foam formulas. First is 7.5 inches of high resilience base foam. Undergirding this firm mattress with the springiness needed to offer deep relaxation, the high resilience base foam is an essential part of this mattress’s ability to relieve your body’s pressure points.

Then there’s the 3-inch high-density contour memory foam. The foundation of a superior memory foam mattress, density determines the firmness of the mattress. In this case, the high level of density provides the firm support most sought by customers while the contouring aspect of it conforms to your body.

A cloud-like layer of 2-inch soft memory foam forms the third component of our acclaimed foam formula. Combined with the two other layers of foam, this soft layer provides the piece de resistance in terms of pressure relief. Aches and pains will no longer be a part of your mornings.

Even better, a system of ridges — strong enough to provide contoured support for your body yet so high tech as to be unnoticeable — adapts perfectly to your body, adding to the pressure relief for side sleepers. The noticeable difference in your ability to obtain a peaceful, well-rested night’s sleep is enough to entice you to purchase this mattress by itself.

The Advantages of Coil Mattresses

There’s something to be said for tradition. That’s why some people prefer a mattress with coils. Providing the type of support that is familiar to many, coils have been popular since the early 1900s. The difference now is in the construction of the coils, with manufacturers having moved from developing coils in one massive unit to creating systems of individually pocketed coils. It’s this coil system, along with visco-elastic memory foam, that comprises our hybrid bed, the Mlily Best of Both Coil and Memory Foam Energize, making it a terrific choice for side sleepers who prefer a coil mattress.


Truly an example of having the best of two worlds, the Energize offers high density memory foam, for your comfort, coupled with that individually pocketed coil system for support. The result is a memory foam hybrid mattress that mates traditional comfort with contemporary technology to provide side sleepers with an energizing night’s sleep that rejuvenates you every time.

It’s the blend of firm support with a touch of softness that distinguishes the Energize from other Mlily mattresses. It’s also what places this mattress above any other hybrid bed on the market. Moreover, a key component of that distinctive blend is gel.

As with the Ambiance, gel Core is part of the magic that is the Energize. In this instance, a layer of the gel-infused memory foam is quilted directly into the cover along with high-density M48 memory foam to form a soft, delightfully accommodating outer layer atop firm support. At the same time, the coils inside the Energize distribute precisely the right amount of support throughout your body. For side sleepers who prefer a coil mattress, this is the perfect mixture for sleep. Your personal search for the best mattress for side sleepers ends here!

High Quality Mattresses on a Budget

Fresh, green, living has gone from being a trendy diversion to a way of life over the last decade or so as many people have become more health conscious. Suddenly, healthy living is not just for hippies any more. In fact, you may even find that you now avoid items that lack purity, seeking only the healthiest ingredients in everything you purchase, from food to home products. Yet, the healthy option is often the more expensive one as well.

The good news is that, when it comes to a high quality mattress, you can have both the green features and the budget-wise price in one mattress. Our Mlily Calm Memory Foam Mattress is the one.

Offering a classic memory foam feel, the Calm is composed of traditional memory foam that features renewable plant oils, as appealing to our customers who seek eco-friendly elements as it is to those who simply want a quality mattress. Making this open-cell structure memory foam an even bigger draw is the infusion of bamboo, a cooling agent that also happens to be environmentally sound. For healthy nights, the Calm makes it easy.

The name says it all. Soothing, relaxing and ever so peaceful, the Calm takes the time-honored memory foam mattress to a new level, providing tranquil nights. It’s a restorative mattress, not only enhancing the quality of your sleep but, by extension, the quality of your life as well. The fact that this mattress is also quite economical as compared with mattresses of comparable quality makes the Calm clearly among the best mattresses for side sleepers.

Financing Plans

Our financing plans at Sweet Zzz make your purchase of a side-sleeper mattress easy. With two different payment options available to you, we make it simple for you to make payments that meet your individual needs. A review of our financing page will provide you with all of the details.