Sweet Zzz has financing for both in-store and online

In-Store Financing:

If you are in Los Angeles county, you can apply to one of the following plans:

1-Synchrony Financial

Benefits of Synchrony Financing:

000* Long terms of 12, 24, or 48 months financing available.

000* No dawn payment required.

000* No interest is applied if purchase is paid in full before the term.

Purchase amounts and their terms:

000A- Purchases of $400 or more qualify for 6 months offer.

000B- Purchases of $800 or more qualify for 12 months offer.

000C- Purchases of $1400 or more qualify for 18 months offer.

000D- Purchases of $1900 or more qualify for 24 months offer.

000E- Purchases of $2400 or more qualify for 36 months offer.

000F- Purchases of $3500 or more qualify for 48 months offer.

How to apply to Synchrony:

Simply visit our store and apply there.





2- Easy Pay Financing00000000

We understand that with the current economy, not everyone can qualify for traditional bank financing. so we offer those customers an alternative program to finance their purchases.

Because of Easy Pays Finances low requirements up to 80% of customers are being approved.

Benefits of Easy Pay Financing:

000*90 Days same as cash option (plus the $40 promotional fee)

000* No down payment required.

000* 12 and 24 months loan terms.

000* No pay stubs or bank statements required.

000* 80% approval rate.

How to apply to Easy Pay Financing:

First: applyonline by clicking on "Apply Now"


Second:0bring the approval code to our store.


We also have Layaway available:

If your budget is tight but you want to take advantage of our current sales event or pricing. Try our Sweet Zzz Mattresses in-store Layaway Plan:

1- 6 months free layaway plan.

2- No layaway fees or charges.

3- Low down payment.

4- Monthly payment required.

See store for details.