Sweet Zzz Latex pillow on a mattress next to a flower Sweet Zzz Latex pillow next to some spread out cotton flowers and latex fill Young couple lying on the Sweet Zzz Latex pillow and smiling Young couple resting and enjoying the Sweet Zzz Latex pillow

Sweet Zzz Latex Pillow

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Free Delivery - 4-Year Warranty
100% Organic Cotton
OEKO-TEX® CLASS 1 Certified
GOTS Certified Organic
Pillowcase included
Standard Size (15"x24")
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The following colors and sizes will be shipped by January 10th.

White Sheets in Queen and King

Silver Sheets in Queen and King

Blue Sheets in Queen


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A Natural Pillow With Adjustable Fill. A Pillow For Everyone!

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    Adjustable Fill

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    100% Natural Latex

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    100% Organic Cotton

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    4-Year Warranty

100% Organic Cotton Cover & Pillowcase

Both the inner cover and the outer pillowcase of our latex pillow are organic certified. We made sure you always place your head on something 100% natural. Our cotton is both extremely durable and very cooling making it the ideal cover material for our latex pillow.

Cotton flowers in nature
Latex sap being extracted from a rubber tree without harming the tree

100% Natural LatexFill

Our 100% natural latex molds perfectly to the shape of your body. It is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and extremely durable. Our natural latex is sourced from rubber trees that are not harmed in the process, making it completely renewable.

Why Go With Less Than Organic!

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Just The Way You Like It!

Remove the fill to get to the ideal pillow loft for you. You can use the pillow bag for the extra fill!

Sweet Zzz Latex pillow at 50% fill capacity

50% Fill

Sweet Zzz Latex pillow at 75% fill capacity

75% Fill

Sweet Zzz Latex pillow at 100% fill capacity

100% Fill


Cool & Clean

Our natural latex cells are 50% larger and do not trap heat. This creates a temperature neutral environment that will not interrupt your sleep. Being completely free of any added harmful substances our latex is hypoallergenic and ideal for people with allergies and asthma. It is naturally mold, mildew, and dust mite resistant. It is also inherently antibacterial and antifungal.

Sweet Zzz Latex pillow next to some spread out cotton flowers and latex fill
Sweet Zzz Latex pillow on a mattress next to a flower

Healthy & Green

Our latex is made of natural latex rubber cells, air, and water. The rubber trees are not harmed in the latex harvesting process. In fact, they are productive for 25 years, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helping to reduce greenhouse gases.

Complete Peace of Mind


Our Latex Pillows are built to Last
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A little girl smiling while sleeping on the Sweet Zzz Latex Pillow

4-Year Warranty

First, we made our pillows green, then we made them risk free and affordable. Using only the best and highest quality natural materials made us very confident in our pillows so in addition to the 50-night risk free trial, our pillows come with a 4-year warranty as well.

Latex Pillow Info

What is the Latex pillow made of?

100% organic cotton cover with 100% Natural Latex

What are the care instructions?

Only wash the cover and Since the pillow comes with an organic cotton inner pillowcase, you never have to remove all the latex to wash the cover. If you wish to clean the inside cover as well, make sure to remove all the latex first. For the cover, dry clean or hand wash. Hang dry or flat dry. Do not Tumble dry.

How does the return policy work with the Latex Pillow?

Currently the Sweet Zzz Latex pillow is on clearance and so it does not have a trial.

What are the pillow dimensions?

Our Latex pillow is 16"x 25"

How does the 4-year warranty work?

The 4-year pillow warranty covers any manufacturing defects that the pillow might have. Minor imperfections of the cotton cover are not cover

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Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% For The Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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