A Collection, Tested to Work for Everyone

Side, back, stomach and everything in between, our Collection is tested for years and
proven to work for everyone

The Affinity Mattress (Luxury Firm)

Ideal for Back Sleepers, and Stomach Sleeprs as The Affinity offers amazing pressure releif and firm support

Affluent Rest Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Medium)

Firm base, Medium Core and Soft Top is the Combination that makes our most popular mattress the right choice for Most People

Mixed Sleeper

Hotel Choice Hybrid Mattress (Plush)

Ideal for Side and Mixed Sleepers, as well as innerspring lovers of all types, truly the best of both worlds

Mixed Sleeper

Nature's Novel Mattress (Firm)

The Natural Talalay Latex countering and the responsive Dunlop Lates support make this bed ideal for, Back Sleepers, and Stomach Sleepers