Mlily Harmony 10" Gel Memory Foam Mattress

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Mlily Harmony Gel Memory Foam Mattress

At the end of a long day, you deserve the best night’s sleep possible. When you wake up the next morning, you should be completely refreshed and ready to go. Make it happen with the remarkable Mlily Harmony gel mattress.

This Twin size bed inspires sweet dreams and makes them come true. It’s more than just a beautiful, perfectly constructed foam mattress. The quality gel foam bedding provides unparalleled comfort and important health benefits at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Durability, Comfort and Support

The precision crafting of this premium foam mattress guarantees years of relaxing comfort that never lets you down. TheTwin size Mlily Harmony memory foam mattress delivers long-lasting support with these unique features:

• Three-layer construction combining the industry’s finest memory foams
• Superior resilience, support and durability from its 6-inch foam base
• Middle 2-inch layer of UltraCore HD Memory Foam for extra strength and rebound
• Luxuriously deep 2-inch topping of GelCore HD Memory Foam for unmatched comfort
Easy-care, removable mattress cover made of softest double Jacquard and spandex knit with suede trim

Healthy Benefits From Head to Toe

This mattress offers all the important health benefits that you expect from the Mlily gel memory foam mattress line. Retire that aching back, those tight shoulders and that stiff neck. Indulge yourself in these soothing, therapeutic benefits from head to toe:

• Memory foam conforms to body shape supporting contours and aligning spine.
• Even weight distribution eliminates painful pressure points in neck, shoulders and spine.
• Hypoallergenic material keeps breathing easy and allows for snore-free sleep.
• Anti-microbial gel foam discourages dust mites more effectively than cotton materials.

Your Best Night’s Sleep

Imagine looking forward to going to bed. Picture waking up refreshed and renewed every morning. Enjoy family night movie marathons piled on your MlilyTwin size mattress, and don’t be surprised when it replaces your favorite couch for afternoon naps. That’s how much you’ll love this mattress, and these are just a few of the reasons why:

• Unique semi-open foam cell structure ensures air flow providing dependably cool comfort.
• No springs or coils mean no squeaking noises or jolting pokes during the night.
• Motion doesn’t transfer through gel foam no matter how much your partner tosses and turns.
• Deeply soothing comfort and healthy sleep greatly enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Experience It Yourself

If you’d like just one more irresistible reason to spend the rest of your nights sleeping soundly on one of the finest memory foam mattresses available, consider Mlily’s commitment to sustainability. Rest easy on your brand newTwin bed knowing that it’s made with renewable resources and real environmental care.

Wrap up all these wonderful features into one package with a 10 year warranty, and you have a very simple choice. Dream about the ultimate good night’s sleep, or make it real, and experience it yourself for years to come on this Mlily Harmony gel memory foam mattress.

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