Our Story


Great Mattresses Are Not Made Over Night


It all started with a great Idea 5 years ago.

To offers the customers a mattress that had all the strengths of the best brands and none of their weaknesses.


Though Our Company Sweet Zzz Is Young, Our Team Isn’t

We had and still have some of the most experienced people in the industry with ingenuity, skill, and passion toward our goal. Some of our team members have 35 years of experience in the industry.


Finding The Elusive Perfect One

We started testing mattresses from numerous famous brands like Serta and Simmons to find out what the customers mostly like and buy to see how we can put together “The Perfect Mattress”

After a year of testing with thousands of customers we came to an understanding that People Are Different.

This may sound simple but the truth is people have different sleep patterns, different body types, and sleep preferences and even their different cultures play a rule in how they like their mattresses.

For the same mattress, some were saying it’s too firm while others said it’s too soft. Some people loved foam mattresses while others only get innerspring.

So we had to accept the fact that The model One Perfect Mattress Fits All just wasn’t going to work.


Then We Started Working on a Line Up… a Collection

From all the feedback we collected we had a clear vision of the particular set of mattresses that would accommodate everyone.

Since we were engineering several mattresses now, we no longer had to jeopardize one thing for another. We weren’t afraid to make a firm bed and a soft one. So that one firm mattress in the Series won’t work for everyone but it will work flawlessly for some.

With everything clear we were hard at work bringing our collection to life.


We Knew We Weren’t Going Cheap on The Quality

We decided that all the materials used in our mattress were to be high quality. From the cotton and wool covers to the 4 and 5 lb density memory foam layers and the 50 ILD base foam that we use. These high-quality materials would make sure we get less returns and make happier customer that would do our advertising for us.



We tested our new Collection with the most expensive thing we have.. Time

After approximately one year of prototyping and testing the final products were ready but before we launch we decided to test our mattresses in our own stores for 3 long years to see the feedback from our local customers and get a feel of how they would do nationally.


Our Customers feedback within the 3 years was… Inspirational

We called a lot of our customers that had bought one of our mattresses after the first, second, and third year to see if the beds were doing good and the feedback was just inspirational. We weren’t just ready to launch, we were confident.


We gave and still give our lifetime warranty, with Confidence.

Having only high-quality materials paid off and we were very confident to give a lifetime warranty on our mattresses, what could go wrong if our mattresses have nothing that’ll break any time soon.


One last thing we wanted to give… Peace of Mind

High quality and lifetime warranty needed one last thing to be in harmony, a peace of mind. We want our customers to be confident when they purchase from us, so we decided to give 100 days risk free trial.

The 100 Day Risk Free Trial turns your bedroom into our showroom and removes the “what if” from the equation. So now you can shop with confidence.