Cooling Mattress Protector
Cooling Mattress Protector
Cooling Mattress Protector
Cooling Mattress Protector
Cooling Mattress Protector
Cooling Mattress Protector

Cooling Mattress Protector

SKU: Mattress Protector - Twin (39"x75"x14")
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100% Natural Eucalyptus Based Fiber
100% Waterproof
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Natural, Cool, Durable and Yet Waterproof. The Mattress Protector Without Any Drawbacks! icon

"Perfect both for hot and cold climates"

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"The difference in ensuring a restful sleep"

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"Beneficial to both the environment and your body"

100% Natural Eucalyptus Based Fiber

The mattress protector cover is 100% natural Tencel made from Eucalyptus based fiber. Tencel fibres are made from the pulp of Eucalyptus wood and make for a very durable yet silky smooth fabric. The making of Tencel fibers is very environmentally friendly as the Eucalyptus trees require very little water. Turning wood into fiber means that you get to sleep on a natural cover without any negative impact on the environment.

Nature Eucalyptus plants leaves and powder in a spoon on a wooden table
Nature Eucalyptus plants leaves on a wooden table

Tencel is Perfect For Sensitive Skin

The Tencel fiber structure is a very smooth surface making the touch of the fabric feel soft and silky while also sensitive skin friendly. Tencel also reduces skin irritations by being hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and 100% natural.

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Should I Get The Protector Or The Encasement?

Protector Encasment
100% Natural Eucalyptus Yes Yes
100% Waterproof Yes Yes
Increase cooling Yes Yes
Protect from dust mites Yes Yes
Protect mattress warranty Yes Yes
Keep mattress clean Yes Yes
Increase mattress lifespan Yes Yes
Reduce allergies Yes Yes
Keep sleep surface dry Yes Yes
Protect from bed bugs No Yes
Protection sides Top All 6 Sides

Certified As Safe Even For Babies & Children Under 3-Years Of Age!

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BJ025 164353

Complete Peace of Mind

10 Year Warranty

Enjoy a 10-year warranty on your
Cooling Mattress Protector

50 Day Free Risk Trial

Try your Cooling Mattress Protector
risk free for 50 days

Free Shipping & Return

We offer free shipping & returns
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Breathable Waterproof Barrier

The hydrophilic fibers of the Tencel always wicks the moisture away from your skin. This means that the cover remains extremely breathable during the night and doesn't promote overheating. If you have trouble sleeping hot at night then this Tencel mattress protector will not only keep the mattress clean but also keep your body dry and cool.

Sweet Zzz cooling mattress protector displayed tightly fit on a mattress
Sweet Zzz cooling mattress protector cover and out of box look

Protects Against Allergens & Dust Mites

This Tencel mattress protector takes away the two things that dust mites require to survive and thrive; a humid environment, and a reliable food source. The waterproof barrier prevents dead skin cells to make it through, stopping the food source while the Tencel hydrophilic fibers keep the cover dry and cool. This presents dust mites with an inhabitable environment that offers no food preventing allergies and skin irritations caused by them.

Cooling Mattress Protector Info

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    1. What is the construction of the Cooling Mattress Protector?

    The cover is made of 100% natural Eucalyptus based fiber. The 100% waterproof barrier is made of non-toxic polyurethane lamination and it is the safest most durable waterproof barrier available today.

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    2. What are the care instructions?

    Machine wash cold on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Do not use bleach or iron or the warranty will be void.

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    3. How does the return policy work with the Cooling Mattress Protector?

    We are sure that you are going to love your Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector, so we back it with 50-night trial. See returns for details.

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    4. What are the available sizes for the Cooling Mattress Protector?

    Size Width Length
    Twin 38" 75"
    Twin XL 38" 80"
    Full 54" 75"
    Queen 60" 80"
    King 76" 80"
    Cal King 72" 84"
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    5. How does the 10-year warranty work?

    The warranty protects against any manufacturing defects and can only be used by the original buyer. Damage to the product caused by improper use or by abuse, misuse or not properly following the care instructions will void the warranty.

Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% For The Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2205 reviews
Tired Wife

My husband has bladder issues. It’s not his fault, it’s not something he can control, but it IS frustrating. We work opposite shifts, so I’d come home from a long night at work to find a wet bed and nowhere for me to sleep. So, I got a mattress protector from Walmart, it said it was waterproof and it worked okay-ish.. it was better than nothing, but it’s “waterproof” barrier still let quite a bit of liquid through. Not ideal, but I figured it was the best I’d get without one of those hospital mattresses or rubber sheets. Eventually, with use and washing, it went from okay-ish to “what is this thing even doing??!?” I started looking for other options. That’s when I found SweetZzz on a website for people with incontinence issues. It had pretty good reviews, so I thought it was worth a shot. A girls gotta sleep. When it came in I thought, “there’s no way this is waterproof - it’s too thin and soft!” I put the protector on and forgot about it. A few weeks later I came home to my husband carrying the sheets and bedding into the laundry room. I thought to myself, “Oh no.. Another night with not enough sleep. Where’s the cleaner spray? I’ll get started..” I walked into the bedroom to find nothing - NOT EVEN A DROP on the mattress. NOTHING!! Nothing! To say I’m impressed is the understatement of my LIFETIME. I think angels sang. We put the SweetZzz protector in the washer and I foolishly replaced it with the old “protector,” made the bed and drifted off into bliss. Totally forgot until a few weeks later, tonight, when it happened again… walked in to find the bed stripped and my husband sleeping on a towel. Instant regret. I’d been meaning to buy another one but had forgotten. When things work right, you don’t HAVE to think about them constantly. That’s when I knew, I had to order more. Which is what I’m doing on this site right now. Ordering more. I wish they weren’t so expensive, I’d order 5 of them. Regardless, we will have at LEAST two on hand until the issue is resolved or some even MORE magical product comes on the market. Seriously amazed!

Douglas Baker

When I ordered the mattress protector everything went as promised until it left there facility. I followed tracking until it said delivered. No package here. I called the shipping company and they said for me to call the shipper and ask for another one because they didn't know where it was. I didn't think that was fair but I had no choice. I emailed Sweet ZZZ and got a reply almost immediately from Diana who didn't waste any time buy contacting the shipper and they told her it was lost. Diana shipped another one almost immediately, so my point is on this company they are the best!!! Thank you for making this problem easy for me. Doug

So far so good

I think the mattress protector is pretty good! We haven't had any major spills yet so the "waterproof" claim is yet to be tested. But the material seems nice and is not hot at all, which would've definitely been a deal breaker if that was the case since my wife is a hot sleeper. But it's been cool for us, so that's great! It's also relatively noiseless, sure you can maybe hear it a little bit, but nothing that's bothersome at all. We haven't had any issues yet & are currently very satisfied with our purchase. Seems worth the investment so far, especially considering the amount of money the mattress costs. Can't speak to the longevity, since we've only had it a few months, that's to be determined... But as of now I feel it's overall a good purchase.

Susan King
Cooling Mattress Protector really does protect.

The cooling mattress protector really does keep your bed cool and protects your mattress. Within about two months of owning this mattress pad we did spill something on the bed and it went through the sheets, did stain the top side of the mattress pad, but did not go through to the mattress. I washed the pad and the stain came out.

Robert Kirby
As advertised

Purchased a new mattress and wanted to wmake sure it was protected but didn’t want to notice the protector. After combing through online reviews I came across Sweet Zzz’s and thought I’d give it a try. It’s as advertised! My drooling Great Pyrenees loves being on the bed and I can rest assured knowing my mattress isn’t seeing any of it. It’s not noisy and I sleep cool too!