We Designed Our O-Cell FoamTM to Improve on All the Strengths of Memory Foam While Removing All the Weaknesses

We guarantee that our mattresses will give you the best sleep that you deserve. We used years of customer feedback along with the best skill and ingenuity to bring you the best of the best. We also didn’t make one mattress and told you that it fits everyone, instead we made a collection of mattresses perfected and tailored by science to best fit your sleep style.

How We Made It More Comfortable

To achieve perfect recovery rate and maximum comfort we didn’t rely on tightening the cell (like conventional memory foam) as it decreases breathability, instead the memory foam feel is gained by the initial process that our foam goes through. The process is done by applying lower temperatures to the foam for longer periods to achieve a much slower but better glass transition. This made sure that the O-CellTM Foam offers the coolness through its open cell structure while keeping the amazing pressure-relieving feature for comfort and support.

How We Made our O-CellTM Foam More Durable and offer A Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to making durable foams two things come in play: the density of the foam, and the process the foam goes through. Memory foam beds with 2 lb density are considered okay and are sold cheap everywhere. 3 lb density beds are considered good and are pricier and found in branded mattresses.

Our O-CellTM Foam on the other hand is 5 lb and 4 lb only and we never use anything lower. Next is the process our mattresses go through; some manufacturers can make thousands of beds a day because they are all about price and speed.

Well, this is not the case with us, we need 3 days to make your bed after you order because our beds go through an extensive and slow process to make sure that the they are the best in the industry. Our High density and extensive process gives us the confidence to offer lifetime warranty on our beds.

How We Made our O-CellTM Foam Very Safe and Virtually Odorless

First, All of our foams are USA made and CertiPUR-US Certified with Low Emission (low VOCS) for indoor air quality, made without prohibited phthalates, ozone depleters, PBDEs, Mercury, Lead and heavy metals, or formaldehyde. Second, we use very low levels of amine in our foams.

Finally, what little odor left is dissipated very quickly with our Open-Cell Foam structure to make sure there is no lingering smell after you open your new bed.

How We Made Our O-Cell FoamTM So Much Cooler

To make our foam cooler we had to change it from the cellular level by increasing the size of the cell openness and the size of cell pores. This unique Open-Cell Structure increased the flow of air by 95% allowing heat to leave the foam through convection. This improved air flow caused moisture and heat to be dissipated 3 times faster than regular memory foam.


Why Did We Go Natural on The Cover and None of Those So-called Advanced Covers?

Honestly, at first during the testing period, we did try some of the supposedly smart covers but what we found is that these technologies are very new and not tested for a long time. Some of our customers reported that they don’t like the cover and that it felt strange.

While these issues were miner and few, we still wanted to go with something we humans have been using for thousands of years, Natural Cotton.

Arab merchants brought cotton cloth to Europe about 800 A.D. this means that our skins are accustomed to cotton and work well with it. Also, cotton is very durable and resistant to common wear and tear especially when its high quality like the cotton we use for our beds.

Any Good Structure Needs A Good Foundation to support it

At 50 ILD, the base we use in our mattresses not only built to last for a very long time but also built to make sure that you are supported and maintain a perfect spinal alignment during the whole night.

Now shop the mattresses that have these amazing technologies and remember that they are guaranteed to work for you.