sweet zzz white noise machine on a white night stand + 35% off ends soon. Voted the best white noise machine by the Sleep Foundation. a child sleeping on the sound of sweet zzz white noise machine sweet zzz white noise machine on a white night stand Sweet Zzz white noise machine near the bad on a white nightstand

White Noise Machine

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white noise machine
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White Sheets in Queen and King

Silver Sheets in Queen and King

Blue Sheets in Queen


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Your Companion For Relaxing Deep Sleep, Everywhere You Go!

  • Icon of Night Lights

    Night Lights

  • Icon of RoHS Compliant

    RoHS Compliant

  • Icon of Memory Function

    Memory Function

  • Icon of 12-Hour battery

    12-Hour battery

Relax & Destress

By masking any outside sounds, white noise actually increases your deep sleep and trains your brain to relax and destress. Everytime there is a distracting sound like a dog barking for example, your deep sleep is interrupted even if you don’t completely wake up. With our white noise machine, you can sleep through the night uninterrupted and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sweet Zzz white noise machine on a nightstand next to a child
Sweet Zzz white noise machine on a nightstand in a bedroom

Natural No-loop Background Sounds

Enjoy natural white, brown, and pink noises along with natural background sounds like rain, sea waves, and singing birds, with no loop at all. The sounds are extremely realistic and if you close your eyes, you’ll feel as if you're there!

Relax With 29 Different Background Sounds

  • Icon of White Noise

    White Noise

  • Icon of LullaBy Music

    Lullaby Music

  • Icon of Rain Sounds

    Rain Sounds

  • Icon of Womb Sounds

    Womb Sounds

  • Icon of Natural Fan

    Natural Fan

  • Icon of Fireplace


  • Icon of Sea Waves

    Sea Waves

  • Icon of Singing Birds

    Singing Birds


So Many Features!

In addition to the 29 sounds, our white noise machine comes with soothing night lights, a memory function so you only need to turn it on the next time you go to bed, a 30/60/90 timer and an efficient battery that can last for 12 hours straight.

50 Day Free Returns + 1 Year Warranty

Every white noise machine goes through testing to make sure you always get the best but to give you that peace of mind we offer a 50 day return for a full refund with no fees whatsoever. Our white noise machines are also backed by our 1-year warranty for any defects.


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White Noise Machine Info

What are the specs for the Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine?

Dimensions are 3.1 inch x 3.8 inch x 4.9 inch. Weight is 1 lbs.

Does the Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine have any certifications?

Yes, it is FCC and RoHS certified. This means that this device is made safe for every stage of its life from manufacturing to consumer usage. This is done by using materials that are not hazardous to the environment and or people.

How does the return policy work with the Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine?

Your new Sweet Zzz white noise machine comes with a 50-night risk-free trial. See returns for details.

How does the 1-year warranty work?

The 1-year warranty covers any manufacturing defects that the machine might have. Minor imperfections and battery life are not covered.

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