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The Comfiest Side Sleeper Pillow

Designed especially for side sleepers!

Made with 100% plant-based down and Engineered to perfection by sleep geeks!

Our patented 3 layer design ensures the right amount of Support for both side sleepers & side/back combination sleepers

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How is it the best pillow for side sleepers?

For side sleeping, a soft pillow will not have enough support while a firm pillow will push on your pressure points and cause neck pain and overheating. We overcame these issues with our patented 3-layer design that offers the 3 essential things side sleepers need to sleep comfortably!

1- Comfort: Our pillow’s outer layer is soft and offers the much-needed pressure relief side sleepers need. 2- Support: Our pillow’s inner layer is firm and offers the support and contouring that side sleeping requires. 3- Cooling: by using only natural materials like natural cotton cover and plant-based down, air circulates freely through the pillow, and moisture is wicked away. This makes for a cool and comfortable sleeping experience. Combined, these features work together to bring you the Ultimate Side Sleeper Pillow!

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Clean & Safe

Our pillows aren’t just comfortable, or sustainable, they’re also safely made and literally certified as safe even for babies and toddlers! (License # BJ025 164353)


Not Just Cool & Comfortable But Also Clean & Sustainable

- Both our plant-based soy fill and cotton cover come from organically grown trees and plants. - Our materials are tested by OEKO TEX Global standards and certified as safe even for children under the age of 3. (License # BJ025 164353) - By making our pillows completely vegan we eliminate animal cruelty and provide a better product without any guilt. - Even our outside shipping bags are made of 100% recycled materials. Yes, we thought of everything! - We are a proud member of 1% For The Planet. A part of every sale goes towards a brighter future for us all.

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    1. I switch between back/stomach and side sleeping. Will this pillow help?

    Yes, absolutely. It was designed to do just that. Since most people switch sleeping positions, we needed to design a pillow that has great pressure relief for side sleeping yet the perfect support for back sleeping as well.
    We did that with our patented 3-layer design that ensures a soft comfort yet firm support and contours perfectly to the shape of your neck and head.

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    2. How is the Plant-Based Pillow any different than other pillows?

    Two things make the Sweet Zzz Plant-Based pillow so unique:
    1- Our unique natural fill. The fill is as luxurious as feathers without the allergies and animal cruelty while still not synthetic. Our plant-based down is the perfect solution with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.
    2- Our unique comfort/support design. Our pillow uses a less dense fill on the outer layer to feel plush and comfortable and uses a much denser fill on the inside layer for support. This way the pillow is both comfortable and supportive while also being able to work for different people who use different sleep positions.

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    3. I have neck pain. Will this pillow help? Can it help with arthritis?

    Yes. To help with arthritis, a pillow needs to have the correct amount of support and still be soft enough to alleviate pressure points. The Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow was designed to be exactly that!
    Our pillow uses 2 different densities of plant-based down alternative fills to help with firm support and soft comfort. This leaves your neck perfectly aligned while alleviating your neck’s pressure points at the same time.

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    4. I cannot use down or wool. Will this pillow trigger my allergies?

    No. Our pillow is specifically made with plant based ingredients for both cover and fill to ensure we avoid feather and polyester allergies and issues. It is also certified to be safe for babies and toddlers (License # BJ025 164353). Being made of plants also makes it a very sustainable pillow so you can sleep guilt-free :)

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