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Let’s work together and be the better change

If you’re like us and have made sustainable living your mission then we are the right partners. Please see all the different ways we can partner and work together to spread the word about sustainable products and lifestyle.

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Become a Sweet Zzz Ambassador

For Influencers & Content CreatorsComplementary products, discounts, & payouts

If you’re like us, trying to increase awareness of sustainable living then what’s better than a company that makes its mattresses with no carbon footprints?
Most mattresses are made of polyurethane foams that are toxic to both the indoor air quality and the environment. We do our best to remind people of that and to do our part for future generations. But influencers reach broader audiences and with your help and partnership, we can make a difference.
Please feel free to contact us if you think your ideas are similar to ours and we’ll do our best to reply as soon as possible. Email us at affiliate@sweetzzzmattress.com

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Become a Sweet Zzz Affiliate

And Get Great Payouts for Spreading the Word

Join one of the best payouts in the industry of bedding while spreading the word about a company that cares equally for the planet and people.
It is very easy to recommend a product that you yourself believe in and since Sweet Zzz products are among the best in sustainability, comfort, support, and cooling, you would be recommending a product that is good for your followers.
Please use the below link to join our affiliate program.

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Sweet Zzz Trade Program

For any Trade Professionals Including Interior Designers

We would love to work with a trade professional that is just as passionate as us about sustainable living. Regardless of whether your project is residential or commercial, we’d love to talk with you about your specific needs.
Please send an email to shawn@sweetzzzmattress.com with the following info: Name, Title, Company Name, Email, Phone, Mailing Address, Website, and ASID member number (or trade/contract association or certification)
In the email, please go over your specific needs for the project and what we could do to help out. Also, mention if you need an account manager to give you a call directly to go over everything via a phone call.

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Hospitality Program Hotels, B&Bs, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals

Hotels, B&Bs, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals

With our mattresses being GOLS, and FDA organic certified, you can rest assured that your supplied mattresses will be better for your reputation and your guests.
We offer competitive wholesale pricing because we build our mattresses based on demand right here in the U.S.
Please contact us at Hadi@sweetzzzmattress.com for your Hospitality project needs. Go over everything needed and we’ll do our best to provide you with the best Bedding Industry service.

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Wholesale Program B2B, Stores, and Online Shops

Interested in getting our natural organic products at wholesale pricing? We will be glad to work with you on any size project you have in mind.
Please feel free to contact us at Shawn@Sweetzzzmattress.com for all your wholesale needs. Include any specifications and services you would like to have in your email or simply request a call to go over the project.