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Body Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Body Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Body Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Body Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Body Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Body Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Body Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official

Body Pillow

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  • Soft, Organic, & Lightweight, perfect for expecting mothers and regular sleepers alike.
  • Comfortable Plush Down Alternative fill for contouring and hugging.
  • Organic cotton pillowcase and cover.
  • Lightweight yet huggable without causing arm numbing. (Essential for side sleepers)
  • Designed with plenty of air circulation and cooling. (Essential for hot sleepers)
  • Certified as safe for babies, expecting mothers, and those with sensitive skin.
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 CERTIFIED. SHMO 079557
  • 50-Day return policy. Enjoy 50 days return policy on all our pillows.
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    Does the body pillow come with a removable pillowcase?

    Yes, we use an organic cotton cover for the pillow and a thicker organic cotton removable pillowcase as well. Both the pillowcase and the body pillow are machine washable.

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    Does the body pillow have a prop 65 warning?

    No, our body pillow has no chemicals or anything that causes cancer or birth defects.
    That is why it is certified by OEKO-TEX® as safe for babies and toddlers. ID # BJ025 164353

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    What are the body pillow dimensions and weight?

    The Sweet Zzz body pillow is 16"x 50" and weighs 7 lbs.

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    What are the care instructions?

    You can wash the pillowcase separately if you like. Care instructions are as follows: dry clean or hand wash. Hang dry or flat dry. Do not Tumble dry.
    For the pillow itself, the washing instructions are as follows: Machine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. No Iron, steam, or dry clean

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    What is the body pillow made of?

    Cover is made of organic cotton. Fill is made of down alternative. Designed and tested in the USA, Imported.

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    How does the 4-year warranty work?

    The 4-year pillow warranty covers any manufacturing defects that the pillow might have. Minor imperfections of the cotton cover are not covered

Certified As Safe For Babies and those with sensitive skin.

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Perfect For Hugging & Sleeping

We designed our body pillow to be lightweight yet supportive. This makes it perfect for hugging and sleeping as it won’t leave your arm numb but still offers the right amount of support for your body and neck. This is especially important for pregnancy.

pregnent lady hugging a Sweet Zzz body pillow on a mattress
this is a Sweet Zzz body pillow being hug by a pregnent lady

A Body Pillow Without Any Drawbacks

You don’t have to sacrifice price or quality when you get our comfy body pillow because despite being made from the finest materials and backed by the best service, our body pillows come with a very affordable price tag. This is the very definition of affordable luxury.

Complete Peace of Mind


Our body pillows are built to Last
So we cover them with confidence


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Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 231 reviews
Pamela Hare
Heavenly Comfort !!!!

I have been searching for a good body pillow for years! Sweet Zzz Plant Based Body Pillow exceeds my expectations, it’s not good, but excellent! It is firm, yet “giving" for perfect support. Being a side sleeper, with one leg on top of the pillow, my full spine now is straight, with absolutely no low back pain. It also properly supports my arm (on top of pillow) so the upper back/shoulder area is not “crunched” together. The length (54 inches) allows total support from head to toes. Having been in a severe car accident and being told I’m lucky to be walking; I now awake pain-free! I can’t recommend this body pillow enough … don’t hesitate … it’s PURE delight!

Most valuable pregnancy tip

Since I’m pregnant with my first child, I wanted to go to a Lamaze class and make sure I was doing everything right for my body. I started it when I was only about a month pregnant, so I figured it would probably just be labor breathing exercises. I’m actually really glad I went so early in my pregnancy, because it taught me a lot of helpful tips and techniques for surviving the more uncomfortable parts of these 9+ months. Probably the most valuable lesson was the need to invest in a body pillow. When I tried the one our teacher let me borrow, I couldn’t believe the difference. I wasn’t even aware how uncomfortable I had been until I took that pressure off my back. I immediately bought my own just like hers, this body pillow. I can’t imagine going through the rest of my pregnancy without it!

Lifelong cuddler

I’m a lifelong cuddler. I always needed a stuffed animal to sleep with when I was a little girl, and now I still can’t sleep nearly as well without holding something. I’m in my thirties, but that kind of dependency / need for comfort just doesn’t go away. I am a bit too old and big for a tiny stuffed animal now though, so I usually just grab a pillow. Unfortunately, the pillows I sleep on are good for neck support, but not really good for cuddling. No one wants to feel like they’re squishing their bed companion! Anyway, wanting to basically upgrade my current cuddling situation, I decided to try a body pillow—this body pillow, specifically. I can’t begin to describe how much better I sleep when I hold this now. It fits and conforms to my shape perfectly, and there’s no chance of me squishing it!

Your husband will HATE it (in the best way!!!)

My husband bought me this pillow as a little pre-push present, and boy does he regret it… I stopped snuggling with him to cuddle with the pillow instead! I sleep with this every single night, and I probably won’t stop once the baby comes. I get such great sleep, and it doesn’t get all hot and sweaty (unlike my bear of a husband). Definitely check out this product if you’re looking to improve your rest!

Husband replacement (for now)

My wife and I are definitely snugglers. I used to be embarrassed to say that, but I’ve matured and grown to really value our affectionate relationship. Anyway, that all seemed like it would have to stop when I got surgery a couple weeks ago. Because it was more intense, I had to sleep alone so that nothing could jostle or disturb me. I felt bad about us having to sleep apart, so I surprised her with this body pillow to replace me until I recovered. She loves it! She can’t stop talking about it—might be too good of a replacement!