How To Fall Asleep Fast (10 Proven Ways)

On a perfect evening, you stretch out on soft sheets, snuggle down with a smile and close your eyes.
In just a few minutes, you begin drifting off into sweet dreamland.

If those perfect evenings aren't happening for you as often as you like, you might be wondering how to get a good night's sleep naturally.

You don't want to try over-the-counter medications, and a glass of wine doesn't really work. You need a little help.

While you enjoy tips on how to fall asleep, you really want ideas on how to go to sleep fast. We understand. As established sleep consultants, we're often asked why it can be so difficult to wind down even in a comfortable bed. Your mattress is one of the most important factors in how quickly you get to sleep, but there are other considerations.

First, let's take a look at why you have trouble falling asleep. Then, let's solve that bedtime problem with proven strategies that help you quickly slip into a perfect night's slumber.

Why You Can't Go to Sleep When You Go to Bed


If you've ever dealt with the misery of insomnia, you know how badly sleep deprivation affects every waking hour. Not being able to go to sleep when you first go to bed can be just as hard on your health and sense of well-being. By the time you finally doze off, it seems as though you're sleeping from sheer exhaustion.

We all occasionally have trouble drifting off, but it becomes a real problem when it happens night after night. You feel as though you have no control over laying there unable to get to sleep. That anxiety feeds your discomfort, you toss and turn, and falling asleep becomes impossible.

Often, you can't get to sleep because you're worried about work or family. Studies show that everyday stress has a direct negative affect on sleep patterns. When you can't find the peaceful relief that comes from going straight to sleep each night, a tiresome cycle sets in and wears you down. You need to figure out what helps you sleep.

How to Go to Sleep Fast: 10 Things to Help You Sleep

You can't eliminate the things in life that keep you from falling asleep. There aren't any magic cures for those everyday worries that prevent you from quickly becoming drowsy when you go to bed. Still, you can teach yourself how to sleep fast by developing new bedtime habits and practicing a few goodnight strategies.

As the industry's leading sleep consultants, we offer these 10 things to help you sleep. Each one is proven to improve how fast you slip into deep slumber.

1. Turn Off the Gadgets

It's hard to imagine life without smartphones and laptops. However, studies show that constant exposure to the blue light radiating from device screens disrupts our circadian rhythms and suppresses melatonin production. Maintain healthy levels of this important sleep hormone by turning off your electronics several hours before going to bed.

2. Learn to Really Relax

You can teach yourself how to sleep fast by learning progressive muscle relaxation . The technique puts you in control of winding down for the night with simple muscle contractions followed by relaxation. We really like this sleeping trick because there isn't any wrong or right way to do it. You personalize your goodnight routine in the comfort of bed.

3. Work Out and Warm Up


Figuring out how to get a good night's sleep naturally can be as simple as getting a good workout and taking a warm bath. Try exercising for half an hour in the evening and ending your routine with a soak in the tub. The workout relieves stress, and the warm bath lowers your internal temperature. Both are excellent strategies for quickly falling to sleep.

4. Tune In the White Noise

Background noises don't have to be obvious to keep you awake. Ambient sounds filtering into the bedroom can prevent you from drifting off. Over time, the result can be serious sleep deprivation. Tune it all out with soothing, low-volume sounds. You can purchase a small bedside appliance that offers sounds ranging from soft rainfall to simple white noise.

5. Find Your Meditative Spirit

Our lives today are so busy and filled with so many things that seem to keep us in constant motion. It's no surprise that we often wonder how to fall asleep. Meditation is one of the oldest forms of mental relaxation, and it's ideal for unwinding before drifting off. The technique is also very good for overall physical and mental health.

6. Enjoy Bedtime Aromatherapy

When we're asked about how to sleep well at night naturally, we often recommend enjoying a little bit of nature. Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasurable ways to settle into a restorative sleep. Jasmine, vanilla and lavender are favorite bedtime fragrances, but any scent you love can be a lovely sleeping aid.

7. Eat Light, Drink Lighter


A full stomach might make you feel drowsy, but going to bed after a big meal is a recipe for indigestion. That extra glass of wine seems relaxing, but alcohol actually interferes with getting a good night's rest. If you routinely wonder how to sleep better, try modifying your evening eating habits. Be sure to avoid alcohol and caffeine too.

8. Hide the Clock and Read

When you can't fall asleep, it's tempting to look at the clock, but constantly checking the time becomes frustrating. Avoid this type of circular stress by turning the clock to the wall. Curl up with a book for half an hour, and let your mind focus on what you're reading. When you turn a page and realize you're drowsy, you're ready to drift away.

9. Stay Cool and Comfortable

If you start your evening in a bed that's uncomfortably warm, you're working against your body's natural temperature changes. We cool down a few degrees as we fall asleep, but a mattress that feels too warm interferes with that process. People who are hot sleepers find that they drift off much faster on a bed that efficiently dissipates body heat.

10. Sleep on All-Natural Mattress

The best tricks for quickly falling asleep depend on your personal style, but nothing helps you drift off better than snuggling down on a good mattress. It's very hard to get comfortable on an old bed or a cheap mattress. Your favorite strategies for nodding off simply don't work.


Over time, this delay in starting your nightly sleep cycle has a negative impact on your physical and emotional health. A better bed can be a permanent solution to all kinds of sleep problems.

While the decision to switch mattresses seems simple enough, take a careful look at your options. It's easy to buy a new bed in a box, but it's hard to live with a choice that doesn't help you fall asleep faster.

Materials make a huge difference in how well you rest on a mattress. If you haven't been happy trying to sleep on a bed made with memory foam or traditional springs, think about going green. Consider all the advantages that come with moving to an organic hybrid mattress like the Honey Hybrid.

  • Pure latex offers a supple, springy responsiveness that doesn't sink in as you settle in.
    • Its density comfortably supports all body weights and heights.
    • The material doesn't transfer motion between sleeping partners.
    • An open-cell structure ensures cool sleep from turn-in to wake-up.
    • Its natural antibacterial and antifungal qualities ease nighttime breathing problems.
    • You sleep better knowing you're resting on a mattress that's good for you and our planet.


  • When trouble falling asleep becomes a chronic problem, finding a solution is life-changing. An organic latex hybrid mattress makes that kind of a difference. The very best example of this type of bed is the Honey Hybrid. It's a mattress that you truly look forward to sleeping on because you know you'll drift off quickly and peacefully every night.

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