Natural Latex Mattress {Advantages and Disadvantages}


The benefits of natural latex mattresses keep these popular beds at the top of consumer reviews. If you're thinking about switching from a traditional mattress to something more luxurious, the advantages of latex are hard to resist. If you currently enjoy a memory foam mattress, natural latex can upgrade your sleeping experience.

It's important to understand that not all latex beds are alike. 

A Talalay latex bed is considered the best of all natural latex mattresses because it's made from 100 percent pure ingredients, and its advantages far outweigh its disadvantages.



The Different Types of Latex


A premium American made mattress built featuring Talalay latex can offer significant mattress benefits. This type of bed rarely receives latex mattress complaints from independent consumer reviews. However, it's not the only natural material available. Dunlop latex is another example of organic bedding material. 

Talalay V.S Dunlop

The differences between the two starts with the manufacturing process. Typically, Dunlop latex is produced by frothing sap in centrifuges. The material is poured into molds, covered and steam baked. Naturally occurring components settle to the bottom of the molds and give the final product a firm underside best suited for bed cores and bases.

Talalay latex production improves on this method with additional steps. After frothing in centrifuges, molds are evenly filled through an air-extracting vacuum process. The latex distributes evenly in the molds, and then it's flash-frozen at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Finally, the stabilized latex is baked into a resilient, breathable natural material that's ideal for mattress construction.

The end result is a premium organic latex that's ideal for mattress construction. When compared to Dunlop, Talalay stands out as a natural choice for crafting the best latex mattress. Unmatched comfort and supple support make it the preferred material for top-tier bedding.

The Advantages of a Talalay Latex Mattress

Comparing latex mattress pros and cons always make sense. Design details and construction specifications make lifelong differences in how well a bed fits your personal sleeping style . When you think about these seven advantages, it's easy to understand why Talalay latex makes such a remarkable mattress. 

1. Talalay Latex Offers Comfort and Support

When asked about their favorite latex mattress benefits, most people put comfort and support at the top of the list. Often, a bed that's considered comfortable is also too soft to support a good night's sleep. A mattress that provides too much of firm support is likely to be rated too rigid by individuals who favor cushioning comfort.

The properties of a Talalay mattress give it a solid advantage over other beds. It contours to the body much better than most mattress materials, and it bounces back more quickly than traditional coils. Talalay latex is both dense and responsive, so it provides deep comfort and comfortable support.

2. Talalay Latex Mattress Breathes

You know how hard it is to rest on a mattress that retains body heat. Even if you're not a hot sleeper by nature, you can appreciate a bedding material that breathes. Talalay latex features a natural open cell structure that quickly dissipates body heat for cool, peaceful slumber.

This unique composition addresses one of the most common latex mattress complaints. Talalay latex breathes up to seven times more efficiently than other types. You enjoy a comfortable, temperature-neutral sleeping environment, and that's a big advantage over other mattress foams.

3. No Dust Mites & No Allergies


Talalay latex doesn't retain moisture, so it's highly resistant to mold and mildew. Its natural composition doesn't absorb humidity from the surrounding air, and it doesn't hold body heat that causes night sweats. Airborne mold and mildew spores simply can't take hold and grow in the material.

The latex is also impervious to dust mites because the microscopic insects can't live on its surface or permeate its cell structure. Its anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities make Talalay latex ideal for hypoallergenic beds. If you deal with asthma, allergies or any kind of respiratory problems, this is your best latex mattress choice. Talalay latex lets you breathe easier through the night.

4. Natural Talalay Latex Doesn't Off-Gas

One of the most persistent new mattress problems often starts right out of the box. It's called that "new-bed smell." The unpleasant odor can linger indefinitely and even spread to other rooms in your home.

While our Talalay latex bed may initially have a faint smell, it doesn't off-gas harmful chemical compounds. It can't compromise indoor air quality because it's made entirely from natural materials. Consumers report that the new-bed fragrance of Talalay latex is actually slightly sweet and quickly disappears.

5. Talalay Latex Mattress is More Eco-Friendly 

All the raw, water-based components used to make our Talalay latex come from renewable resources. The main ingredient, rubber tree latex, is harvested from mature growth that's cultivated year-round. During the 25 years a rubber tree remains in production, it plays an important part in reducing greenhouse gases.

This enviro-friendly profile becomes even stronger during the manufacturing process. Talalay latex processing follows rigorous standards that reduce energy and water consumption. From initial harvesting to final output, our Talalay latex is a certified eco-friendly product.

6. The Advantages Last For Years

You expect the best all natural latex mattress to last for years without losing any of its qualities. Bedding made with Talalay latex is very resilient and typically outlasts and outperforms even memory foam. The material's density allows it to hold up through years of use.

It's not unusual to see this remarkable longevity reflected in lifetime warranties on mattresses made from Talalay latex. Manufacturers and retailers only offer guarantees on products they know can deliver as advertised. Talalay latex is one of the few organic mattress materials that earns that kind of trust from industry professionals. 

The Disadvantages of a Talalay Latex Mattress 

Overall, the balance of latex mattress pros and cons weighs strongly in favor of Talalay latex, but there are two latex mattress problems that occasionally come up in consumer reviews.

1. The Mattress Is Expensive

A mattress made with Talalay latex carries a high sticker price. The material is premium quality, but the cost isn't about luxurious comfort or unsurpassed support. Talalay latex requires 400 percent more production time and effort than Dunlop latex, and Dunlop is generally priced as the second-most expensive material for bedding.

If you see an unusually low price on a mattress listed as a Talalay latex product, be careful. That cheap bed probably isn't an American made mattress, doesn't meet industry standards and can't pass eco-certification. A discounted mattress is more simply cannot match the high quality and density of a natural Talalay latex bed.

2. It's Not a Lightweight

When you read or hear latex mattress complaints about weight, they often focus on Talalay latex. The material is heavier than Dunlop latex for good reason. Its production pures the natural latex, and that process increases the density that makes it such a valued mattress ingredient.

Some consumers don't want to deal with a heavy bed, but others recognize the extra weight as confirmation that they're sleeping on a 100 percent natural latex mattress. They enjoy the comfort and support of a bed crafted from the finest materials, and they know the mattress is manufactured to last a lifetime. 

Natural Talalay Latex and The Nature's Novel Mattress


One of the best examples of an all-natural latex mattresses is the Nature's Novel mattress. It is an outstanding choice because it showcases the qualities that make Talalay latex such a remarkable material. This is an American made mattress that delivers all the features you expect in premium bedding. 

1- Nature's Novel provides an unparalleled sleep experience on natural American Talalay latex.

2- Its natural wool fiber cover provides an additional 1-inch layer of finely quilted softness.
3- OEKO-TEX Certification as a Product Class I is your assurance that our Talalay latex is proven safe for use even with children under the age of 3.

4- Made in the U.S.A., this top-tier mattress definitely earns its Lifetime Warranty .

5- From supple, contouring support to minimum motion transfer, Nature's Novel brings out the best in natural Talalay latex. It's also one of the finest luxury mattresses available at a reasonable price point.


Serving Up Information You Can Really Use

The advantages and benefits of a latex mattress definitely outweigh the few drawbacks noted here. They all add up to a remarkable value in premium bedding. Whether you're ready to replace your current mattress or you're just exploring different options, we're happy to help.

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