The Top 5 Reasons Cheap Mattresses Just Aren't Worth It


You keep a steady eye on the budget. Sometimes, you splurge, but you're really good at stretching your dollars.

When you see a rock-bottom price on a cheap mattress, it grabs your attention. When you need to replace an old bed, that bargain looks even better.

Why should you skip saving hard-earned money?

How can cost make a difference when you want something as basic as a bed to sleep on? The truth is that the true value of a good quality mattress can't be measured by just its price tag.

Shopping Online: The Mattress Industry Game-Changer

Only a decade ago, looking for a new mattress would start with visits to different brick-and-mortar stores. You might have waited for special sales on weekend holidays like President's Day or Memorial Day. Online shopping completely changed the landscape.

Today, you browse bedding selections from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop. The mattress industry has always been competitive, and that's good for you as a consumer. With just a few clicks, you can buy a cheap mattress and have a bed in a box delivered to your front door.

Whether you're looking at a memory foam mattress or an innerspring hybrid, you can't help comparing costs. Most seem fair. Still, a price tag doesn't tell you much about the real value of a mattress. A new bed is an investment that you should be comfortable with for a lifetime.

How can you be sure the price is really right? How do you know when a bargain bed isn't really a very good bargain?

Buying a Cheap Mattress: Five Reasons It Isn't Worth It

We enjoy talking with customers every day through our online channels and our showrooms. We often hear concerns from shoppers who want to make sure they're getting a good bed for the price. We understand.

You want to know how to size up the value of a new mattress.

As a trusted leader in online mattress sales and customer satisfaction, we can help. You don't have to buy the most expensive mattress available to enjoy a good night's sleep. You do need to be very careful about low-priced beds. These are the top five reasons buying a cheap mattresses just isn't worth it.

1. You Get the Density You Pay For

Foam density is very important because it determines the level of comfort and support in a mattress. It's also a good measure of the quality of a bed's construction. Foam density specifies pounds per cubic foot. Most discount models are produced with 1.8-pound foam while the best beds use 4- and 5-pound foam.

When you buy a bargain brand mattress, you simply aren't bringing home as much bed as you would with a well-built mattress. Even if they're the same dimension, the better bed is made with three times more foam. That superior construction requires more raw materials and increases the final cost, but you get the density you pay for.

Compare specifications of the Organic Honey Hybrid built with 5.1 PCF organic dunlop latex to those of similar models that sell for a lower price. The bargain beds just don't offer the density you need, so they can't provide the deep comfort and supple support you enjoy in a quality mattress.

2. A Cheap Bed Is One of Thousands

Most shoppers don't think about the manufacturing process that goes into a quality mattress. It takes time to produce a bed that's built to last a lifetime. Many overseas manufacturers focus on quickly turning out as many units as possible because their business models are strictly driven by profits.

This results in poorly made mattresses that don't meet the high standards set by products made in the U.S.A. Some of the biggest operations overseas turn out thousands of beds every day. That holds down costs, but the final product can't compete with the workmanship that goes into a freshly handmade American mattress.

Each bed by Sweet Zzz takes at least three days to produce. The manufacturing process ensures that highly refined materials, careful craftsmanship and important detailing go into each mattress. The time involved means you pay more for a bed, but you know it's a better choice than just another one in a thousand. 

3. You Care About Your Sleeping Health

We all understand why healthy products are more expensive. We know how they help support our long-term health and overall well-being, so we're willing to pay a little more. That's something to keep in mind when you look at the price tag on a cheap mattress made overseas.

Mass production makes it very difficult to manufacture a non toxic mattress. Cheap beds are made with a wide spectrum of chemicals, and many are used specifically to speed up output. As we've noted, that holds down the price, but a less-expensive bed isn't a bargain if it can make you sick.

A healthy mattress is hand crafted with certified materials, so it costs more than a mass-produced bed. You pay a higher price for a mattress that doesn't expose you to dangerous chemicals. An organic bed like the Honey Hybrid is an outstanding example of a mattress that ensures peaceful slumber in a healthy sleeping environment.

4. Made in America Makes a Difference

When you buy an American made mattress online, you start a process that begins with assembling quality materials and ends with a bed built to fill your order. When you buy a cheap bed from an overseas company, you get a mattress that's probably shipped from a long-term storage facility.

Discount beds are often produced in other countries and sold to retailers here who pass along imported mattresses at cut-rate prices. Constant back-ordering increases the chances that an inexpensive bed purchased today may have been sitting in storage for months.

When you buy a cheap mattress, you risk spending your money on a product that's not built to the highest standards. You take a chance on the quality of its materials, and you can't be sure where it's been before it arrives at your home. Your purchase of a mattress made in America makes a big difference in how well you sleep at night.

5. You Want and Deserve the Best

Everything that goes into producing a good quality mattress makes it more expensive than a bed sold online at a discount price. From well-researched design and the highest construction standards to the best materials, a premium mattress can't be mass-produced.

By investing in a quality mattress, you enjoy features that really matter like natural organic non-toxic materials. With its organic cotton cover and organic latex, the  Honey Hybrd easily demonstrates how much more mattress you can bring home for just a few more dollars.

You want more than a bargain bed that might not deliver the comfort and support you expect. 

You deserve the best.Sweet Zzz natural and quality mattresses deliver, and that's an ROI you can sleep on.

Buying a Good Quality Mattress: Benefits That Really Add Up


You don't have to buy the most expensive mattress available to bring home the best bed for you. A well-crafted model doesn't have to cost a fortune, but don't buy a cheap mattress thinking you'll enjoy the same benefits.

• You sleep better on a bed that comforts, cools and supports with superior non-toxic materials.

• You rest easier on an eco-friendly, OEKO-TEX certified mattress.

• From side sleeping to back sleeping, a natural quality mattress fits your personal sleeping style.

• You can be sure of the best materials and workmanship when you buy a handmade American mattress.

• Investing in a good bed ensures years of sweet dreams on a healthy mattress.

• A better bed comes with a 100-day free trial and a lifetime warranty.

Roll up those benefits into a quality mattress made in the U.S.A., and you have a bed worth your investment. Wherever you shop for a new mattress, we want you to make a purchase you enjoy living with and sleeping on for years to come.

Buying the Very Best Bed for You: We're Always Here to Help

When you're ready to buy a chemical free American made mattress, we're here to help. If you're not sure about how much you want to spend, let us be your personal sleep consultants. Our teams answer all your questions, explain important mattress details and make it easier to find the bed of your dreams.

We know you don't purchase a new mattress every day. We understand how hard it can be to stretch your hard-earned dollars. You can always count on us here at Sweet Zzz to help you buy the very best bed for you and your budget.