White Noise and Why we need it?

White Noise Machine

29 different background sounds including nature sounds that were recorded naturally.

White Noise | Why we need it to sleep.

White noise for sleep is not a new concept, it has been there since the 1800s. But does white noise help you sleep? To answer this, we need to understand what is white noise. White noise simply put is the audio version of white light. It’s a collection of random sounds detectable by the human ear that play at many frequencies but at similar intensity (amplitude).

Good sleep is indispensable for healthy and productive living. When we sleep our brains don't shut off but continue to process information. A sudden change in noise disrupts this activity and causes people to wake up.

A white noise machine generates a humming background noise that helps mask any sudden loud noises or changes in noises, helping us stay asleep or focused on our task.

Here is why you need a white noise machine:

How does white noise help you sleep? In this section, we discuss white and pink noise sleep benefits.

Can’t sleep due to noise disruptions:

Ever wonder why previous generations lived longer?

The answer is …SILENCE. In Norman Vincent Peale's book "The power of positive thinking" -- he points out that the quiet and pleasant sounds of nature in the countryside are beneficial for a healthy long life.

If you live in an urban area that seldom goes silent, you might find it hard to sleep or stay asleep. Noise pollution has been found to bring about hearing loss, high blood pressure, sleep disruption, and stress.

White noise for sleep machines is the remedy for noisy sleeping environments. The ambient and lulling sounds of white and pink noises not only help in relieving stress but also aids in deep sleep. The device will cover loud outside noises to protect your ears and provide a peaceful rest.

Can’t fall asleep, too much silence

Complete silence or black noise is hard to fall asleep to. The mind might wander away when it’s too silent. A little white noise like some warming jazz sounds with a backdrop of rainfall will help lull your mind to sleep.

The snoring partner

Snoring, like other loud noises, can disrupt our sleep. A white noise machine can help muffle these sounds to an acceptable frequency to help us get a proper night's rest. Some noises that help include nature sounds (which are often pink noises) more effective at negating higher frequency noises.

Helps put the babies to sleep.

Noise machines play lullabies, womb sounds, and other comforting background noise to help the little ones fall and stay asleep. However, you should always check the guidelines of using a white noise machine with a child. Too high a volume has been shown to cause damage to children's hearing and brain functions. And you would be surprised what volume is considered high volume. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends a volume less than 50 decibels. This is compared to a quiet dishwasher. Other tips to protect your child include turning off the white noise as soon as they fall asleep. Also placing the device at a safe distance away from their crib.

Work night shifts?

Working night shifts often proves hard to have proper sleep during the day. A white noise machine, as well as other bedroom accessories like eyewear and earplugs, can help create the perfect bedroom atmosphere for sleep.

How to find the right white noise machine?

To find the best white noise machine, there are several factors to consider:

Price: White noise machines are usually affordable and cost less than $100 unless they offer more features or a long list of sound collections.


A good white noise machine has a good collection of sounds ranging from white, pink, to brown noises. Unless the white noise machine is a mechanical device that only produces fan noises.


A good white noise machine should be easily movable from one place to another. You might need to take a nap on the couch or travel with it. Get a good size that can be carried easily.

Looping or non-looping: 

Some white noise machines use looping sounds. When the sound recording ends, it restarts again. Some people find that distracting, if you consider yourself one of them, you might have better luck with non-looped white noise machines.


it's important to find the right timer controls for your needs. A good white noise device offers a programmable timer that you can set to shut off after the desired time. Some also have a memory feature, and the device saves your settings for future use.

Night Lights: light or dim glowing night lights, which can be quite essential in finding your way to the bathroom during the night. Or for that child who has trouble sleeping with the lights off.

The Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine has all of these amazing features and is built to change the way you fall asleep and make it a smooth and relaxing process instead of a chore.

Questions about white noise machines

What is a white noise machine?

A white noise machine or sound machine is a device that generates background noise that masks unwanted sounds and helps people relax and sleep.

How does a white noise machine work?

To understand how a white noise machine works, we need to understand what is white noise? Contrary to common thinking, white noise machines are not limited to producing white noise only. They also produce pink and brown noises. By the human ear, it's hard to tell what color of noise you are listening to. However, scientifically these noises are classified by their frequency and amplitude variations which resemble different color spectrums.

What is white noise?

Sound intensity also known as acoustic intensity is the power carried by sound waves per unit area at right angles to the area. Sound frequency is the number of sound waves or vibrations per second. Simply put, white noise is a collection of noises having equal intensity at different frequencies.

Examples of white noise include radio or television static, a whirring fan, a hissing radiator, or the humming of an air conditioner.

What is pink noise?

Pink noise, on the other hand, is similar to white noise but with diminished higher frequencies and higher lower frequencies. Creating a deeper and flat even sound. Most people actually prefer pink noise to white noise. Studies show that pink noise promotes deep sleep by lowering brain activity. Some examples of pink noise include rustling leaves, waves crashing on the beach, and steady rainfall.

What is brown noise?

Brown noises are deeper pink noises that are just a bit rough for example the roaring of cascading waters or thunderstorms.

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