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Bamboo Sheets

SKU: Bamboo Sheet - Twin (38"x75"x15") - White
100% Viscose from organically grown bamboo at 400 Thread Count
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  • 400 Thread Count Sateen Weave. Softer than 1000 TC Egyptian cotton.
  • 100% Viscose from organically grown bamboo trees.
  • Balanced temperature regulation. Essential for hot sleepers.
  • 15” Deep Pockets. Fit corners help the sheet stay tight on the bed.
  • Sustainable & Certified as safe for babies and those with sensitive skin.
  • 50-Day Free Returns. You pay nothing for shipping or returns.
  • Lifetime Warranty. You pay nothing in case of replacements.
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    How can these sheets fit a 6” mattress and a 15” tightly?

    That’s because there is an elastic band all the way around the fitted sheet making sure it’s always tight and nice.

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    Will these sheets bunch up?

    The Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets come with elastic edges that can be pulled in to create a snug fit. The flat sheet is made slightly larger than the standard size of the mattress. This way you can tuck it deep underneath your mattress and it will stay in place.
    Please note that using sheet fasteners (holding straps) will not void your warranty so you are free to use those if you like.

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    How long do these bamboo sheets last with regular washing and drying?

    Sheets' durability and longevity depend on two main features. The length of the fiber and how aligned the fibers are in a yarn. Longer fibers last much longer and pill far less than shorter fibers. Also, the more aligned the fibers are, the better the overall durability is.
    Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets fibers are extremely long and very aligned, ensuring they last for a very long time. This is exactly why we confidently offer a lifetime warranty on them :)

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    Do your pillowcases have envelope closures?

    Yes, our pillowcases are envelope style.
    Please note, our sheets come prepackaged with two king (or queen) pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted.

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    What is the bamboo sheet made of?

    Our bamboo sheets are made from 100% viscose from organically grown bamboo.
    Designed and tested in the USA, Imported.

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    Are your sheets considered antimicrobial?

    Studies have already been done on this and the results show that this material is actually ideal for direct skin contact. So our bamboo viscose sheets don’t just have great anti-microbial properties, they are actually the best at it!

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    How does the return policy work with the Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets?

    Your new Sweet Zzz Bamboo Sheets come with a 50-night risk-free trial. Basically, if you wanted to return the sheets, you wouldn't pay for shipping. See returns for details.

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    How does the Lifetime Warranty work?

    We are so confident in our sheets that we guarantee their quality for a lifetime! The warranty protects against any manufacturing defects and can only be used by the original buyer. Damage to the product or shrinkage caused by improper use or by abuse, misuse or not properly following the care instructions will void the warranty and the trial. When the warranty claim is accepted, Sweet Zzz will send a new replacement. Every sheet set is limited to one warranty replacement.


  • 1 Flat sheet size 66” x 96”
  • 1 Fitted sheet size 39” W x 75” L x 15" D
  • 1 Queen pillowcase size 20” x 30"

Twin XL

  • 1 Flat sheet size 66” x 96”
  • 1 Fitted sheet size 39” W x 80” L x 15" D
  • 1 Queen pillowcase size 20” x 30"


  • 1 Flat sheet size 81” x 96”
  • 1 Fitted sheet size 54” W x 75” L x 15" D
  • 2 Queen pillowcases size 20” x 30"


  • 1 Flat sheet size 92” x 104”
  • 1 Fitted sheet size 60” W x 80” L x 15" D
  • 2 Queen pillowcases size 20” x 30"


  • 1 Flat sheet size 110” x 104”
  • 1 Fitted sheet size 78” W x 80” L x 15" D
  • 2 King pillowcases size 20” x 40"


  • 1 Flat sheet size 110” x 104”
  • 1 Fitted sheet size 72” W x 84” L x 15" D
  • 2 King pillowcases size 20” x 40"
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    What are the care instructions?

    Like any luxury sheets, care is important. Machine wash with organic detergent on cool, gentle cycle. Low or tumble dry. Remove while slightly damp and lay flat to reduce wrinkling.

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    What organic detergent can I use to clean my sheets?

    Any detergent that contains no harsh chemicals and uses natural ingredients. This means you can use any good brand of detergent that has no chemicals. If you usually use either "Liquid " or " pods" detergent to clean your most delicate clothes without damaging them, then it's acceptable.

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    Can you bleach the bamboo sheets?

    Kindly do not use bleach on bamboo sheets, it will ruin them. Here are the cleaning instructions for the sheets:
    Machine wash with organic detergent on a cool, gentle cycle. Low or tumble dry. Remove while slightly damp and lay flat to reduce wrinkling.
    However, if it is a case of stains, we always advise our customers to pretreat stains before proceeding to wash their bamboo sheets.

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    Can I wash these bamboo sheets with hot water?

    Like any luxury sheets, Bamboo is a very delicate material and requires cold washing only. However, this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort either.
    Luckily the sheets being green and organic also makes them naturally antimicrobial and dust-mites resistant reducing your allergies and skin irritations.
    Please make sure to not cover the sheets with your comforter when setting up the bed to allow for more air circulation. A dry environment makes it impossible for dust mites to live.

Soft, Cool, Clean, & Comfortable

At 400 Thread Count, our Sateen Woven sheets perfectly complement any bedroom with a soft touch, added breathability and temperature regulation.

family playing together on a bed with bamboo sheet
woman setting the bamboo sheet on her bed

Sustainable, Durable, Fit, & Beautiful

Bamboo can grow up to three feet a day with little to no irrigation. The strengths of the bamboo viscose doesn’t just make it more durable but also offers a nice tight fit and a beautiful luxury look.

Complete Peace of Mind

Lifetime Warranty

Our sheets are built to Last a lifetime
so we insure them for that long


Pay overtime with Klarna

Free Shipping & Return

We offer free shipping and 50 night
return on all our bamboo sheets

Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3687 reviews
Pat Anderson
Best customer service I have ever experienced

Have read about bamboo sheets for some time and thought I would like to give them a try. I ordered a queen set and they were delivered very quickly. Small issue was that one if the pillowcase had several dark stains. I washed them and the stains did not come out. I contacted customer service and was IMMEDIATELY answered by a representative named Diana. I explained my issue, sent pictures of the stains and she resolved the problem right away. The replacement pillowcase was delivered within days. WOW Response time was the same day. Cannot tell you how impressive that was. Best of all the sheets were everything advertised and I love them. Just want to say that this company and its representatives are top notch and you would do well to give them a try. Thanks to Sweet zzzz Your company will succeed due to your impressive products and customer service. Thank you

Jennifer Laurantius

This is literally the best, softest, highest quality bed sheet I have ever tried!! It is really soft, silky, and feels so luxurious. I also find it important to use products from brands that are responsible and eco-friendly, so this is absolutely my go-to. I don't think I will ever go back to other brand for the sheet after i found SweetZzz. My friend stayed over and loved it too! Getting all the other colors soon and this would make a perfect gift too!! Thank you so much SweetZzz you guys made my nights ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ xoxo

High quality and organic!

I am a sheet snob and have noticed recently how difficult it is to find silky luxurious sheets. I have gone through the trouble of purchasing over 10 supposedly highly recommended and reviewed sheets only to discover that they either feel rough or they immediately start to pill when you sleep on them. Save yourself the aggrevation that I have had to go through to find actual high quality sateen sheets of any kind. These are by far the softest. And yes they are made of bamboo so that is a plus! They also did not have a chemial smell like some do when you open the package. They washed up great. I followed the directions and just took them out of the dryer immediately and hung them off the top of a closet door until I had the time to put them on my bed. And honestly if you don't want any wrinkles at all buy percale and iron them or maybe make your bed so you won't see any wrinkles but I did not find this an issue as they fit my deep matress perfectly. And if you read the reviews (which I do) you will see that many of the one and two star reviews are from folks who find them too slippery! I don't understand this but if you are such a person who does not like a silky satiny feel to your sheets you are fortunate because there are so many companys that offer sheets that I would call rough to the touch. BTW, these sheets do also keep you cool, not an issue either way for me. The only issue that I had is that they don't sell them in a cream or ivory color but at least they offer more than white, grey and blue!

Linda Tice
I’m a customer for life!

First off, I absolutely love these sheets. I’m in the process of replacing all our sheets in our home, and in our vacation home, because everyone loves them. The reason I’m a customer for life is their customer service…by far the best! Jose in particular, he’s awesome!

David Crawford
Better than the more expensive Cozy Earth!

I bought the Cozy Earth sheets first because there was a good sale and Oprah had endorsed them. While I loved the sheets, I didn't necessarily want to spend over $400 on another set, so I gave the Sweet ZZZ sheets a try and I am glad I did! I travel a lot for work, so coming home to these buttery soft, and super cool colored sheets when I am home is a treat beyond compare. I loved my set so much, I bought a friend a set for his new apartment as a housewarming gift; he loves his just as much. I highly recommend giving these a try and make sure you follow the laundering instructions of cold water only and no fabric softener. You will never regret this purchase and you will also love the color selection.