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Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official
Bamboo Pillowcase Set - Sweet Zzz Official

Bamboo Pillowcase Set

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2 Pillowcases - 100% Viscose from organically grown bamboo at 400 Thread Count


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  • 400 Thread Count Sateen Weave. Softer than 1000 TC Egyptian cotton.
  • 100% Viscose from organically grown bamboo trees.
  • Balanced temperature regulation. Essential for hot sleepers.
  • Sustainable & Certified as safe for babies and those with sensitive skin.
  • 50-Day return policy. Enjoy 50 days return policy on all our bedding.
  • Lifetime Warranty. You pay nothing in case of replacements.
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    How long do these bamboo sheets last with regular washing and drying?

    Sheets' durability and longevity depend on two main features. The length of the fiber and how aligned the fibers are in a yarn. Longer fibers last much longer and pill far less than shorter fibers. Also, the more aligned the fibers are, the better the overall durability is.
    Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets fibers are extremely long and very aligned, ensuring they last for a very long time. This is exactly why we confidently offer a lifetime warranty on them :)

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    Do your pillowcases have envelope closures?

    Yes, our pillowcases are envelope-style.

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    What is the bamboo sheet made of?

    Our bamboo sheets are made from organically grown bamboo. Designed and tested in the USA, Imported.

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    Are your pillowcase set considered antimicrobial?

    Studies have already been done on this and the results show that this material is actually ideal for direct skin contact. So our bamboo viscose sheets don’t just have great anti-microbial properties, they are actually the best at it!

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    How does the Lifetime Warranty work?

    We are so confident in our bamboo pillowcases that we guarantee their quality for a lifetime! The warranty protects against any manufacturing defects and can only be used by the original buyer. Damage to the product or shrinkage caused by improper use or by abuse, misuse or not properly following the care instructions will void the warranty and the trial. When the warranty claim is accepted, Sweet Zzz will send a new replacement. Every set is limited to one warranty replacement.

Queen pillowcase size 20” x 30"
(includes two pillowcases)

King pillowcases size 20” x 40"
(includes two pillowcases)

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    What are the care instructions?

    Like any luxury sheets, care is important. Machine wash with organic detergent on cool, gentle cycle. Low or tumble dry. Remove while slightly damp and lay flat to reduce wrinkling.

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    What organic detergent can I use to clean my sheets?

    Any detergent that contains no harsh chemicals and uses natural ingredients. This means you can use any good brand of detergent that has no chemicals. If you usually use either "Liquid " or " pods" detergent to clean your most delicate clothes without damaging them, then it's acceptable.

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    Can you bleach the bamboo sheets?

    Kindly do not use bleach on bamboo sheets, it will ruin them. Here are the cleaning instructions for the sheets:
    Machine wash with organic detergent on a cool, gentle cycle. Low or tumble dry. Remove while slightly damp and lay flat to reduce wrinkling.
    However, if it is a case of stains, we always advise our customers to pretreat stains before proceeding to wash their bamboo sheets.

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    Can I wash these bamboo sheets with hot water?

    Like any luxury sheets, Bamboo is a very delicate material and requires cold washing only. However, this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice your comfort either.
    Luckily the sheets being green and organically grown also makes them naturally antimicrobial and dust-mites resistant reducing your allergies and skin irritations.
    Please make sure to not cover the sheets with your comforter when setting up the bed to allow for more air circulation. A dry environment makes it impossible for dust mites to live.

Soft, Cool, Clean, & Comfortable

At 400 Thread Count, our Sateen Woven sheets perfectly complement any bedroom with a soft touch, added breathability and temperature regulation.

family playing together on a bed with bamboo sheet
woman setting the bamboo sheet on her bed

Sustainable, Durable, Fit, & Beautiful

Bamboo can grow up to three feet a day with little to no irrigation. The strengths of the bamboo viscose doesn’t just make it more durable but also offers a nice tight fit and a beautiful luxury look.

Complete Peace of Mind

Lifetime Warranty

Our Bamboo Pillowcase are built to Last a lifetime
so we insure them for that long


Pay overtime with Affirm


We offer free shipping on
all our items

Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3873 reviews
Brought back memories of our Hawaii anniversary vacation!

We went to Hawaii for our anniversary and stayed in this place where they used some heavenly soft sheets. We asked about the sheets and they said that they are bamboo sheets! Well, when we went back we just had to have them. I started doing some research and found this company. We loved the fact that they are organic so we read some reviews and decided to give them a go. The sheets arrived in a magisterially beautiful package and looked really nice out of the box. I washed them for the first time before use and used them that same day (I couldn’t wait). After using these sheets for about 3 months now I can confidently say that they are even better than the ones we slept on in Hawaii. These sheets have met all aspects of their description and our expectations. Bamboo is remarkably soft, and wonderfully organic. They look so beautiful on my bed and feel so comfortable! I already washed them a few times and they don’t look like to be shrinking or wearing out at all. I can’t believe we are replacing our excellent Egyptian cotton sheets but these are better. I don’t know how long these will stay durable but if they come with a lifetime warranty, they must be good. Anyway, We already know how long average quality sheets lasts so we’re not very worried, just enjoying the moment and the memories these sheets bring. One thing that is very important to mention is that my allergies seem to be getting much better with these sheets. It could be because we got the mattress protector from here as well and it’s 100% natural but this combination has certainly reduced my allergies. I couldn’t be happier with my bamboo sheets.

Hi Sarah This is Anna from Sweet Zzz. Reading your review made me feel so happy. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us :)

David Crawford
Better than the more expensive Cozy Earth!

I bought the Cozy Earth sheets first because there was a good sale and Oprah had endorsed them. While I loved the sheets, I didn't necessarily want to spend over $400 on another set, so I gave the Sweet ZZZ sheets a try and I am glad I did! I travel a lot for work, so coming home to these buttery soft, and super cool colored sheets when I am home is a treat beyond compare. I loved my set so much, I bought a friend a set for his new apartment as a housewarming gift; he loves his just as much. I highly recommend giving these a try and make sure you follow the laundering instructions of cold water only and no fabric softener. You will never regret this purchase and you will also love the color selection.

100% Organic Bamboo!!!

I've had 35% bamboo 65% polyester sheets from Amazon before these and the difference is very noticeable! These organic sheets are much softer and feel more quality. My older sheets weren't bad but I always found myself sleeping on a soft blanket. Now I actually look forward to going to bed. They fit really nice on my 13" mattress and not move at all during sleep. My husband is also very happy with them and he never noticed the difference anytime I changed sheets. He used to wake up sweaty and hot. He noticed now after a couple of weeks of not waking up sweaty. We love these bamboo sheets. Very Comfy, Very Cool and Very Soft.

Hi Erika, Thank you so much for your feedback. It's good to hear that you and your husband are enjoying your new sheets :)

Been sleeping on bamboo for 6 years!

This is our second set. We had the first set for about 6 years (from a different place) and loved them. They are still good, but after four kids, they are showing the wear and tear. We decided to get a new one and this place was recommended to us by a friend back when we needed a mattress. We are very happy with the mattress for a good 2 years now so we said why not get their bamboo sheets too now that we need a new set. We have more personal experience with bamboo sheets than most people because we had our last sheets for so long. Anyway, here is what to expect. They are much more durable than any other sheets. Before our bamboo sheets we used to buy cotton and I believe at one point we tried something else but I can’t remember. Bamboo lasts a lot longer than any other sheets we owned by far. Egyptian cotton can be as soft but it does need a softener when you do laundry which brings me to the second thing. You will actually save money on laundry because you won’t need to use fabric softener when you wash bamboo sheets. Neither one of us has any allergies so I can’t tell you if they are better or worse for allergies but my guess is if they are so popular, organic, and come from trees not chemicals, they must be good for allergies. Now for my personal experience with these particular bamboo sheets, I would say I am very satisfied. I was a little afraid that these won’t be as good as my last bamboo sheets because as time goes it seems that everything is becoming less and less quality but I was very happily surprised with how good these are. They fit our 12” latex mattress nicely and work very well with it but if you get your mattress somewhere else I would say that these sheets will still work just fine cause the sheets are good regardless of the mattress. I highly recommend getting a set of these. You’ll fall in love too and won’t go back. Trust me!

Hi Rebecca, This is Julie with Sweet Zzz :) Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We really do apricate your feedback.

Pet proof

Let me tell you why I will buy more sets as soon as I can afford to. Being super soft and comfortable is nice and all but to me being pet proof is just as important. I have a dog and a cat that could easily win the furriest animal competition. I love that but it comes at a price. My last microfiber sheets didn’t do a very good job with my pets. This bamboo sheets are really amazing when it comes to pets and they even survive all the cat climbing somehow! These sheets repel pet hair very nicely. Dog and cat hair won’t get between the fibers and stick. When dog hopped on bed and all I had to do was swipe my hand over it and all came off. Not a single strand on the bed. Amazing!!!

Thank you very much for your feedback Emily.