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It All Started a Decade Ago…
With a Dream

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Two young brothers in Los Angeles California became employees of the mattress industry and slowly learned the true colors of this deservingly ill-reputed industry.
They loved the feedback of those they helped with the gift of better sleep but felt bad about the toxicity of the mattresses offered, the un-sustainability, the unethical pricing, and especially the nonexistent transparency.
They then decided to go their own way and become a mattress retailer with a dream of becoming the first truly sustainable and organic mattress company back in 2013. They, however, had many issues and obstacles to overcome before becoming the well-known Sweet Zzz of today. Known for its affordable yet green, natural, and organic products nationwide.

Lady sleeping on the Sweet Zzz bamboo sheets.

1st Solved Problem

Ethical & Transparent Yet Competitive & Memorable

How to stay competitive in an industry where everyone shows one thing and delivers another. An industry built on empty promises. One that profits from the customers' lack of knowledge and keeps its castle of glass perfectly intact because competitors use the same shady tactics and so they never point fingers.
Simple, the brothers decided to go with honesty. Their marketing idea was not “get a lot of investing money for ads” but rather the word of mouth about a company that wants to make a stand for a better, more ethical industry. One where customers know exactly what they’re getting. One that offers consumers complete transparency and honesty.
They simply decided to become competitive through honesty and quality, while memorable through their story… their dream of a better industry.

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2nd Solved Problem

Organic & Sustainable Yet Affordable & Accessible

To be transparent meant to go with a completely organic mattress and all-natural materials. Going with memory foam or anything like it meant revealing the truth about all the toxins lurking within.
The brothers wanted a product that they can be proud of even when it's placed at 100% transparency. Going with organic-certified cotton covers, organic-certified wool fire retardants and organic-certified latex ensured the mattress is 100% sustainable and ethical but not necessarily affordable!
The trick was, how to be organic yet affordable, being organic yet expensive was done before. They wanted to be accessible to as many people as possible. They wanted to allow the average American to enjoy a completely safe, comfortable, yet affordable sleep experience.
Through many trials and errors, Sweet Zzz manages to make the perfect organic mattress at 13-inches yet one that is very affordable in comparison to other 13-inches organic hybrids.

Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid mattress on a contemporary bed in a nice room

3rd Solved Problem

Green Yet Innovative A True Affordable Luxury

Being organic and affordable wasn’t enough as most latex beds aren’t as comfortable as memory foam beds. They needed to come up with a patented design in which they can keep the mattress organic and sustainable without the use of petroleum-based foams.
The answer… A dual coil system that reacts uniquely to each individual. The Sweet Zzz patented Honey Micro coils react to specific individual needs based on shape, weight, and sleep position offering a broader range of firmness to all.
This innovation kept the Sweet Zzz mattresses sustainable, organic, comfortable, and supportive, yet unique and innovative. Something that has never been done in organic mattresses.
Latex is a marvel of natural sleep material and the ideal cushion for any mattress. However, it has many issues that memory foam solves. Since the use of memory foam goes completely against sustainability and safe sleep, Sweet Zzz decided to invent the dual coil system with patented Honey micro coils to go around the amazing pressure relief offered by memory foam.
The dual coil system makes the Honey Hybrid even better and more comfortable than memory foam hybrid mattresses without any of the toxic air quality, the sink-in trapped feel, or the un-breathability and sweating issues.

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So Many Years Later!

Here we are almost 10 years later. What started as an idea and humble beginnings is now a complete community of green-conscious people. We are proud not only of our organic mattress but proud of being in so many happy stories and improved lives.
The Sweet Zzz customers are the family that supported us all these years and made sure our dream of a more ethical industry becomes more of a reality. Many mattress companies are becoming more transparent and now there is good competition. The best part, customers are becoming more sustainably conscious and the once small demand for organic mattresses is growing and with it, the hope for a better, healthier future.
Now, we are honored to have lit so many torches in the sustainability field. We are partners with many of the leading environmental organizations in helping preserve nature and the future of our planet. We want to make sure we do not ruin the future of our children so that future generations can enjoy our beautiful planet too. See how sustainable we are

Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid mattress in a boho bedroom next to a chair.

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