White Noise Machine
White Noise Machine
White Noise Machine
White Noise Machine

White Noise Machine

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FCC and RoHS Compliant
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Your Companion For Relaxing Deep Sleep, Everywhere You Go!

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Relax & Destress

By masking any outside sounds, white noise actually increases your deep sleep and trains your brain to relax and destress. Everytime there is a distracting sound like a dog barking for example, your deep sleep is interrupted even if you don’t completely wake up. With our white noise machine, you can sleep through the night uninterrupted and wake up feeling refreshed.

Sweet Zzz white noise machine on a nightstand next to a child
Sweet Zzz white noise machine on a nightstand in a bedroom

Natural No-loop Background Sounds

Enjoy natural white, brown, and pink noises along with natural background sounds like rain, sea waves, and singing birds, with no loop at all. The sounds are extremely realistic and if you close your eyes, you’ll feel as if you're there!

Bring The Beautiful Sounds Of
Nature Into Your Home

Relax With 29 Different Background Sounds

  • Icon of White Noise

    White Noise

  • Icon of LullaBy Music

    Lullaby Music

  • Icon of Rain Sounds

    Rain Sounds

  • Icon of Womb Sounds

    Womb Sounds

  • Icon of Natural Fan

    Natural Fan

  • Icon of Fireplace


  • Icon of Sea Waves

    Sea Waves

  • Icon of Singing Birds

    Singing Birds

So Many Features!

In addition to the 29 sounds, our white noise machine comes with soothing night lights, a memory function so you only need to turn it on the next time you go to bed, a 30/60/90 timer and an efficient battery that can last for 12 hours straight.

50 Day Free Returns + 1 Year Warranty

Every white noise machine goes through testing to make sure you always get the best but to give you that peace of mind we offer a 50 day return for a full refund with no fees whatsoever. Our white noise machines are also backed by our 1-year warranty for any defects.

  • Icon of Night Lights

    Night Lights

  • Icon of RoHS Compliant

    RoHS Compliant

  • Icon of Memory Function

    Memory Function

  • Icon of 12-Hour battery

    12-Hour battery

Complete Peace of Mind


Enjoy a 1-year warranty on your
white noise machine


Try your white noise machine
risk free for 50 days


We offer free shipping & returns
on our white noise machines

White Noise Machine Info

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    1. What are the specs for the Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine?

    Dimensions are 3.1 inch x 3.8 inch x 4.9 inch. Weight is 1 lbs.
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    2. Does the Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine have any certifications?

    Yes, it is FCC and RoHS certified. This means that this device is made safe for every stage of its life from manufacturing to consumer usage. This is done by using materials that are not hazardous to the environment and or people.
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    3. How does the return policy work with the Sweet Zzz White Noise Machine?

    Your new Sweet Zzz white noise machine comes with a 50-night risk-free trial. See returns for details.
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    4. How does the 1-year warranty work?

    The 1-year warranty covers any manufacturing defects that the machine might have. Minor imperfections and battery life are not covered.

Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% For The Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 119 reviews
John J Foster
Sweet Zzz White Nloise Machine

Fantastic. Though there are many white noise and other sound options, I bought this due to the ocean wave sounds, which my wife really likes. Well, it did not disappoint. It sounds so realistic, it is easy to imagine you are at the beach. Also, the machine itself is compact yet it can project sound over a good distance. Finally, it is powered by either an internal rechargeable battery or plug-in AC cord (cord not included but Best Buy had what I needed).

Tony Visintainer
White Noise Machine

I've had this for a month now, and have been using it nightly. I highly recommend it. I had my heart set on a mechanical white noise machine, but took a chance on this and one month in, I don't regret it. The soft lights, the quality of the sounds, the little chime it makes when you've cycled through all options of a given category, the ease of finding the volume and power buttons in the dark... this is just a well-designed product. It's intuitive to use, easy to travel with, and has a solid, well-built feel. On one occasion, I was sure I did notice a faint loop in the white noise setting - the battery was dead and I had just plugged it in to run it. After 3 minutes or so I noticed there was a recurring noise artifact every 8ish seconds... I haven't heard this since, in any of the settings, and I've been using it every night. Not sure what that was about. Overall a great product!

Nature in my bedroom

Ever since I was a child, National Geographic has always been one of my favorite channels on TV. I just love the wild, the openness, the calmness and serenity that comes with nature. It’s kind of something that I’ve wanted to experience for a long time, but I haven’t exactly had the opportunity to. The white noise machine though, I think is a good compromise. I mean a device that produces nature sounds? Count me in. So I finally got it and it has been unreal. I can customize just which sounds I want, and how loud I want it to be. It is just amazing. Honestly, I’ve never been more relaxed in my life. A lot of times I come back from work and I just turn it on and it calms me. I strongly recommend this machine to anyone out there who loves nature sounds like I do.

Good replacement for a fan noise.

I love this little noise maker! Normally I use a fan to soothe me at night, but when it’s getting so cold outside I’d much rather have the heater on and no air blowing on me. It sounds just like the fan I used and it stays at the same volume! Even when I unplug it to use the outlet for something else, the settings stay the same – no need to worry about adjusting it when I’m exhausted at night. Just turn it on and I’m all set! There’s instructions with it, but it’s pretty easy to use, just have a little common sense. The packaging is so pretty, too, I almost want to keep it as long as I’ve kept my old phone boxes. I likely won’t ever use the other sounds, nature isn’t as relaxing as the white noise or fan settings and there’s no discernable loop which is great.

Best thing I’ve gotten this year!!!

I’ve always had issues with sleeping—probably because I’m always thinking about something or the other: either work or the kids or money. Basically, there’s always something on my mind. Recently though, my wife got me this machine and, honestly, at first, I had my doubts about it. I mean, a bunch of weird sounds putting me to sleep? How does that work? Thus, I really couldn’t believe it when it actually started working. The look on my wife’s face when I woke up the next morning wondering how I dozed off was hilarious and since then, there’s no night when I don’t have this on. I’ve had much better nights and my days are so much more productive now. I’m more active, things don’t set me off as much as they used to and I just feel so much happier. Getting this machine is one of the best things to happen to me.