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Honey Hybrid Mattress - Sweet Zzz Official
Honey Hybrid Mattress
Honey Hybrid Mattress - Sweet Zzz Official
Honey Hybrid Mattress - Sweet Zzz Official
Honey Hybrid Mattress - Sweet Zzz Official
Honey Hybrid Mattress - Sweet Zzz Official
Honey Hybrid Mattress - Sweet Zzz Official

Honey Hybrid Mattress

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Organic Latex Hybrid Mattress


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Experience Unmatched Comfort, Tailored Support, and Lasting Durability Every Night with the Organic Honey Hybrid Mattress

4 Reasons Why It’s The One

Unique Comfort

Experience comfort tailored just for you with our Honey Hybrid Mattress! Our special Honey Micro Coils adjust to your weight, body shape, and sleep position, providing the perfect support. Ideal for side sleepers!

Individual Support

Our Honey Hybrid Mattress features 1584 Individually Wrapped Coils (queen size) to keep your spine aligned. Perfect for couples, these coils adjust to body weight and minimize motion transfer for a restful sleep.

Ultimate Cooling

Stay cool all night with our Honey Hybrid Mattress! Made with breathable organic latex, cotton, and wool, plus specially designed air-circulating coils, it's perfect for hot sleepers.

Safety & Sustainability

Our Honey Hybrid Mattress is made with organic latex, cotton, and wool. We use Organic New Zealand Calmera® Wool for safety instead of fire retardants. It's Oeko-Tex certified, making it safe for babies and sensitive skin. Plus, no polyurethane foams!

GOLS Certified Organic Latex

Our GOLS certified Dunlop latex is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and extremely durable. It also offers a cool and refreshing sleep as it is naturally breathable. It is sourced from rubber trees that are not harmed in the process, making it completely renewable. In fact, the trees are productive for 25 years, absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and helping to reduce greenhouse gasses.

Pure Organic Cotton

The main luxury feel of the Honey Hybrid Mattress comes from its thick quilted organic cotton cover. We wanted to make sure that you always rest on something organic, so we used pure organic cotton for our cover. Organic cotton is known for its amazing breathability and offers a very soft yet cool touch. Every time you go to bed, you will appreciate how fresh it feels!

Comfortable But Supportive, A Design That Suits Every Sleeper

1- Organic Cotton Quilted Cover

Our organic cotton cover is breathable, providing a soft and cool touch. Its organic nature ensures safe skin contact, enhancing comfort and cooling.

2- Organic New Zealand Calmera® Wool

3- GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex

4- Honey Micro Coils®

5- Individually Wrapped Coils Made of American Tempered Steel

6- Organic Cotton/Wool Blend.

Honey Hybrid Mattress layers cutaway

Comfortable, Non-toxic, Luxury… Yet Affordable

23 Honey Hybrid Medium-Firm

Avocado Green Mattress

Saatva Latex Hybrid

Organic Cotton

Organic Latex

Pocketed Coil

Cool & Comfortable

Lifetime Warranty

Queen Price





* Price may not reflect any current promotions or discounts.

Choose your comfort level

How it Feels:

  • Plush yet supportive and responsive.
  • Excellent pressure relief thanks to micro coils.

Ideal for:

  • Side sleepers who need pressure relief for shoulders and hips.
  • Light-weight sleepers that can't find a soft but supportive bed.

How it Feels:

  • Balanced and firm, offering support without being too hard.
  • Designed to feel like a luxury hotel bed.

Ideal for:

  • All sleepers who prefer a firmer feel but still want pressure relief.
  • Couples that can't agree on the firmness of the bed.

How it Feels:

  • Sleeping on the mattress rather than sleeping in.
  • A firmer feel that's never hard on the back, or joints.

Ideal for:

  • Stomach & back sleepers who prefer firmer mattresses.
  • Sleepers who prefer extra firm mattresses.

Certified Organic, Safe & Non-toxic

GOTS organic certified icon

ID CU 813274

USDA NOP certified icon
Eco Institut certified icon

ID 0921 - 12256 - 001

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Detailed Specs & FAQs

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    1. Has the Honey Hybrid Mattress been tested for quality & durability?

    Yes, absolutely. It is LGA tested and certified. The test is conducted by putting roughly 330 pounds of weight force on the mattress and stroking the mattress 60,000 times. This test is meant to simulate, more than adequately, the normal domestic usage of a mattress. When a mattress remains unharmed, it is certified as LGA tested for passing such a rigorous test.
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    2. What are the Honey Hybrid Mattress layers?

     The Medium-Soft Model Layers: (13-inches)

    ½” Organic Cotton Quilted Cover & Fill

    ¼” Organic New Zealand Calmera® Wool as Natural Flame-retardant

    1” GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex (Carbon Neutral Certificate)

    4” Honey Micro Coils® (Excellent Pressure Relief, Perfect For All Types of Sleepers)

    8” Individually Wrapped Coils Made of American Recycled Steel - (1584 coils in queen)

    ¼“ Organic Cotton/Wool Blend. Works as a stable base.

     The Medium-Firm Model Layers: (10-inches)

    ½” Organic Cotton Quilted Cover & Fill

    ¼” Organic New Zealand Calmera® Wool as Natural Flame-retardant

    2” GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex (Carbon Neutral Certificate)

    8” Individually Wrapped Coils Made of American Recycled Steel - (1584 coils in queen)

    ¼“ Organic Cotton/Wool Blend. Works as a stable base.

    The Firm Model Layers: (9-inches)

    ½” Organic Cotton Quilted Cover & Fill

    ¼” Organic New Zealand Calmera® Wool as Natural Flame-retardant

    1” GOLS Certified Organic Dunlop Latex (Carbon Neutral Certificate)

    8” Individually Wrapped Coils Made of American Recycled Steel - (1584 coils in queen)

    ¼“ Organic Cotton/Wool Blend. Works as a stable base.

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    3. What is the Honey Hybrid Mattress firmness rating?

    On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the firmest, the Honey Hybrid Medium-Soft has a 3 - 4 firmness rating. The Honey Hybrid Medium-Firm has a 5 - 6 fimness rating. The Honey Hybrid Firm has a 7 - 8 firmness rating. All 3 models have a nice support that will keep your back and neck aligned while being gentle on your shoulders, back, and hips.
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    4. Do you use fire retardants in your mattress?

    No. All mattresses need to pass the fire hazard safety law but we made our mattress safe through the use of organic New Zealand Calmera® wool. Not only does it act as a fire barrier but also increases the overall comfort of the mattress, adds temperature regulation, and wicks away moisture.

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    5. The Honey Hybrid 100-Night Sleep Trial

    We are sure that you are going to love your Honey Hybrid mattress, so we back it with a 100-night trial. We simply ask that you try the mattress for at least 30 nights to make sure you've experienced the best it has to offer. This gives you enough time to properly adjust to the new mattress. Please note that there will be a $99 return fee. The trial date begins when you receive your mattress and can only be used once per customer. If for some reason after the 30 days and before the 100th you decided to return the mattress, then you can start a return request by simply calling us at 800-811-7514.

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    6. Honey Hybrid Lifetime Warranty

    Your new Honey Hybrid Mattress comes with a limited lifetime warranty offered to the original buyer of the product. The warranty is against certain product defects for as long as the buyer owns the mattress. If a defect occurs, the mattress will be repaired or completely replaced by the same size and model or the current comparable model. This limited warranty applies to the original purchasers of the Sweet Zzz Mattress from Sweet Zzz Mattress stores, online, or authorized retailers. This Limited Warranty is not transferable to any subsequent owners of such mattresses. Using your current foundation will not void your Sweet Zzz Lifetime warranty so long as your foundation is in a good condition and offers enough support. Read our warranty details

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    7. What foundations can I use with the Honey Hybrid Mattress?

    Despite being 13" thick, the Honey Hybrid is very flexible, so it works on any adjustable base, wood slatted bed, box spring, or even the floor so long as there is enough support. Using your current foundation will not void your Sweet Zzz Lifetime warranty so long as your foundation is in a good condition and offers enough support.

Customers Love Our Mattress

Worked for me (Side sleeper), & my son (Back sleeper)

I'm 42, 5'5", and lightweight. I sleep on my side, and this mattress is a lifesaver. I didn't need time to adjust, and my back and hip feel amazing. My husband, who's 5'8" and heavier, needed a couple of days but loves it too. He sleeps in different positions.


Erica D.

Medium-firm worked for both of us

I'm average weight, and my husband is slightly heavy. He sleeps on his back, and I start on my side. We both love the medium-firm. It has a comfortable cushion and firm support. Coming from memory foam, the cooling difference is incredible. No more sweating or tossing. This bed never gets hot. Highly recommend it.


Laura C.

Switched from Saatva

We bought the much more expensive ($ 2500) king Saatva bed for us but didn't have the budget to get one for the other rooms as well. So we went with Honey Hybrid. We only ordered a full but it was so comfortable that we returned the Saatva latex hybrid and got this for ourselves as well. It’s cool, comfortable, and very supportive for both of us. Don’t order and return beds . Just get this from the start


Beth W.

One year

It’s been a year since we got our Sweet Zzz Mattress. The mattress feels great, with no indentations and no need to rotate. It stays at a constant temperature. If you want a low-maintenance mattress, get a Honey bed.


Alice H.


Just as comfortable asour last $3299 expensive latex mattress Our old mattress was amazing but wore out after 10 years. We tried other mattresses before finding this Sweet Zzz latex mattress. Expensive doesn’t mean good. Both my husband and I love this bed. He’s much heavier, but it’s perfect for us both.


Ember K.

Non-toxic green mattress

I slept on a cheap mattress from Amazon and started coughing. I learned that toxic mattresses can cause health issues. After research, I bought the Sweet Zzz mattress. After a month, my coughing disappeared. Thank you, Sweet Zzz, for changing my life.


Lucy M.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3704 reviews
Worked for me (Side sleeper), & my son (Back sleeper)

I'm 42 about 5'5" and fairly lightweight. I also sleep on my side and this mattress is a life saver. It was recommended to an expert online and I said it looks amazing for side sleeping so why not.

I kid you not I didn't even need a day or two to adjust (my husband needed a couple of days) and my back and hip feel amazing. My husband isn't picky and he likes what I like but he also said he loves it now. He's about 5'8" but much heavier than me and sleeps on different positions.

My son on the other hand is only 15 but also loves his new bed and sleeps mostly on his back.

I previously bought the Honey Hybrid mattress from sweet zzz but didn't review it so now after my son loved the bed also I felt obligated to tell my story.
I was searching for the right mattress to buy online and I came across this one and I just felt safer when I saw that is it actually a business with Multiple organic certificates because I'm tired of having headaches rom all those toxic infested beds. So I decided to get this bed out of the rest of them because it has the right comfort for me.

Long story short after I tested the bed for a good month my son started Demanding the same bed and complained all the time about how his bed is so awful. So I got him the same bed and even though nothing in this world is good enough for him he actually said he liked it. After that I just had to review the one thing my son liked in well... forever.

Hi Erica,
We really do appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.
We always do our best to create sleep products that help other sleep better while also remaining sustainable and affordable. It truly does help knowing people are actually enjoying our inventions :)
Thank you

Changed My Life! THANKS

First to the main reasons why the Honey mattress worked for me. I think because of its good design, the mattress doesn't hurt my hip like all the other beds I tried in store do.
The problem is that I'm only 5.2 but on the heavier side and sleep on my side so most mattresses push on my hip a lot. This design helped a lot in addition to the fact that it really sleeps cool which was the second problem had with other beds. I almost gave up on the concept that a bed could be cool. The mattress achieves it beautifully.

Finally, I like to add the fact that everything is organic and I have all the allergies you've heard of. For example some of the headaches I used to get before are gone. it could be because I'm not breathing toxic fumes anymore. Honestly just an all in one mattress!

Now to why I love this mattress. This bed changed my life to the better in so many ways. First, my life with my husband is now so much better because we can sleep on the same bed again like when we were young without him complaining all the time about how bad the bed I choose was.

Second my health life is better now that I don't wake up with pain every morning. I still have my back issue because I cheapened on buying a good bed for so long that now I need a good year before my back is back to normal, but I definitely feel an improvement.

Third, my work life is better simply because of the first two that I mentioned. Sometimes its the small things that make all the difference.

Hi Emma,
Wow, this was heartwarming to read. I'm glad it worked out for you.
You sounded so nice over the phone and I'm truly happy your life is taking a turn for the better.

Sam W
Sad story, but happy ending

Believe it or not, I paid $5799 for the most luxurious memory foam on the market by tempur pedic and it was horrible. The store said they have 30 day trial but what they didn't tell me is that it is an exchange policy for even or greater price only and not a full refund policy. Anyway, we kept the horrible mattress and decided to never buy a mattress again in stores.

Honestly my first intuition was to buy online but I didn't trust it and went to a store, over paid and didn't even get a good mattress. I came across this Honey Hybrid bed and read some reviews and was done waiting so I ordered, but before I did, I called them and chatted with them making sure that the trial was a full refund not an exchange policy because I couldn't bare going through this again. They were really polite I talked with Adam and chatted with Anna and they were both amazing.

I got the mattress and the first couple of days it felt kinda weird because we were so used to memory foam but after 2 weeks the mattress felt flawless. Let me tell you how. We had a lot issues with being stock in the last mattress and this one was just supportive not at all uncomfortably firm because it is gentle on your body but gives a nice firm support.
The second issue we used to have was that memory foam was too hot for us and even the AC couldn’t help because then room would be cold and we are still hot in the parts that are touching the mattress.
The third issue was the firmness that changed in about 2 months from using the mattress. Well this bed is still the same after 4 months now and its actually because of this that I am writing the review to help others know about this gem. I going to tell everyone I know about my experience with this company and their latex mattress.

Sam, Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to write such a detailed and beautiful review. I am very glad that our mattress was everything you were hoping for. It makes us proud to hear stories like these.
Thank you again

Elle Q.
Always go with an organic latex hybrid. Always!

This is my second latex bed and I am very happy with it. My last one was 15 years old and it was still fine till my new puppy decided to mark it as his territory. I was afraid that I just wouldn't find the same mattress again and of course I didn't. After some research I found this one online and it looked as good as my old one so I decided to give it a try. I mean whats the worst that could happen, return it. Anyway after a few weeks the new one feels just like the old one. Latex is worth every penny.

UPDATE. I am doing an almost one year update about this bed because I thought to myself I need to tell everyone about my experience with it.
First the cover: Its still very nice and soft, though its made of organic wool and cotton its not warm at all. I'm actually surprised how it looks like it was unboxed yesterday. The cover overall is very nice and soft, no complains here at all.
Allergies: the very reason why I buy latex is because I have a lot of allergies to the stuff they put in other mattresses. That's why I asked them over the chat and the phone about whats in the mattress exactly. they had told me that they only used green organic stuff that wouldn't cause allergies. Anyway, I said if I'm going to have a reaction to this mattress it would surely be in the 100 day money back period. I honestly didn't have any health issues with this bed and let me tell ya, I start sneezing and coughing from high end mattresses used in hotels so I am a good measurement of what they used in this bed. With my last latex bed I didn't have any allergies at all till like 12 years after. I asked Sweet Zzz what could cause that and if that would happen again here and they said that old mattresses can stores a lot of goodies if you don't use a protector. I'm using a protector with this one. No issues at all with allergies so far.
The back comfort: Like I said in my original review, the feel of this bed is really good and supportive to my back like my last latex bed. It's also really important that in a almost a year now the mattress has not gotten any softer or changed feel in any way. that being said this mattress might not be for everyone as it is o the firm side. I mean I slept on my side all my life but I also like firm mattresses so its really up to your preference. Also the side is not as strong as I would have loved it to be but that's not really a big deal. Customer service: after the initial purchase I really didn't have much contact with the customer service (because I didn't need anything) but they did call me on the 90th day to see if I was OK with the bed and I said I'm fine. I did however call them after a few months and asked them if they had pillows that would go with this mattress as my latex pillows were really old. They said that they actually do have a plant based down pillow that goes with this mattress.

OVERALL: If you're thinking of getting this bed, I would say go for it. the feel, greenness, comfort, cover, and even customer service are all great. I told my friend Anne about this bed and she got it too after I told her you can return it if you don't like it. she has had it not for a couple of weeks and she likes it too so I say go for it.

Hi Elle, Your nice compliments made the Sweet Zzz team blush :) Thank you very much for your kind words.

Lizzy D
Side sleepers rejoice

After had just returned my Helix bed, I literally gave up on finding a mattress meant for side sleepers. Everything you get seems to be pushing on my left shoulder and hip.
When I started researching AGAIN, I come across the Honey hybrid mattress by sweet z and looked promising but honestly my expectations at that point where zero.

Anyway I read some reviews and decided to go for it. Especially since it was in my budget and organic at the same time which is amazing.
I got the mattress and honestly needed some help from by brother to carry it upstairs. When we opened it and aired it out, it came to 13-inches in less than a minute and I slept on it that same night.

The first thing I noticed before I even use it, was the fact that there were no bad chemical poly smells. I don’t have any allergies or anything, but I figured that must be a good sign. All other beds smelled really bad especially my old Tempropedic bed smelled like rotten eggs for 2 weeks straight!
The first few nights my sleep wasn’t much better but I still noticed that my shoulder and hip were not in pain. I think it was the fact that I’m so used to memory foam mattresses. After about a week I started feeling the difference. The coils this bed has really do work wonders. They push on the right spot with the right amount of support. Its hard to explain but the bed really was designed for side sleepers.

UPDATE. I’ve came back to this review to add that now I’ve been sleeping soundly on the Honey bed for 3 months and I feel amazing. I finally found it guys. The one that cured my many sleep issues.

Hi Lizzy,
Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your experience with us.
We are really happy for you to have finally found what you were looking for in our mattress.