Giving Back

Join The Fight Against Hunger

Every Sold Mattress = 20 Meals Donated


Bring Hope to the Hungry With Sweet Zzz Mattress

Living in our beautiful country means enjoying many things. It can also mean not knowing where your next meal will come from. Every day, 49 million people including children go hungry in our great country. That number represents 16 percent of our population.

Here at Sweet Zzz Mattress, we’ve established a new partnership with the LA Food Bank. Through this ongoing collaboration, we are establishing a strong working relationship with this amazing organization that truly helps Bring Hope to the Hungry

Working With the LA Food Bank

For more than 40 years, the LA Food Bank has reached out to those who need help with the simple necessity of putting a meal on their plates. It’s an enormous job, and we’re proud to be a part of those efforts. With every donation from partners like our teams here at Sweet Zzz, the food bank addresses hunger by putting food on the table for more than 300,000 people every month. In 2015 alone, the Food Bank distributed more than 52 million meals.

Giving Back

There are so many organizations that reach out to so many people in need. As our business grew over the years and we began giving back, we looked for ways to make every contribution count. The LA Food Bank maintains a highly respected profile by ensuring that its partners’ contributions make a difference. Of all food bank revenues raised annually, 97 percent goes directly to programs that feed the hungry.

Making Real Contributions

Because we know that every donation we make reaches those who need it, we’re happy that Sweet Zzz can do its part to combat hunger . Every sale generated in our online store and our showrooms will insure we stand a chance in the fight against hunger. You get credit too because on average, your Sweet Zzz mattress purchase increases our contributions enough to cover the cost of 20 meals.

Doing Good Things Together

All of us at Sweet Zzz Mattress want to let you know how much we appreciate your loyalty. Your business over the past years and on into the future makes it possible for us to fill empty plates every day. Hunger doesn’t care about age, gender, education or religion. Together, we help feed disabled individuals, low-income families and fixed-income seniors. The full plates that we all take for granted at our homes are missing from the tables of so many others, but together, we can ease hunger and comfort those in need.

Your Purchase will Make a Difference