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Organic Cooling Sheets

Designed especially for hot sleepers!

Made from organically grown bamboo sheets into 400 Thread Count of pure cooling perfection.

200,000+ happy sleepers in the span of 10+ years. Join the happy family and never sleep warm again!

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3500+ 5-Start Reviews

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300+ Experts & Media Mentions

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“great for both cold and warm climates”

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“both breathable and temperature regulating”

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“exceptional softness and breathability”

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“cool in the summer and warm in the winter”

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“clean, green, and organic”

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“for those with overheating problems”

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“more comfortable than any 5-star hotel sheets”


People Love Our Sheets!

“The best sheets. So soft and comfortable!”

“Obsessed with our new organic bamboo sheets”

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How are they the best cooling Sheets?

Organically Cooler

Organically grown bamboo viscose is cool and moisture-wicking
by its very nature. With ourpremium bamboo sheets,
you’ll never worry about sleeping hot again.

Temperature Neutral

The fabric's inherent breathability ensures that excess heat
is released, keeping you comfortably cool throughout the

Backed For Life

These sheets are crafted with a lot of attention to detail, ensuring
that they maintain their exceptional cooling properties over time.
This is why we offer lifetime warranty on them!

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Interest-free Financing

You can even try them now and pay over time with Shop Pay

Unmatched Sustainability

Our bamboo comes from organically grown trees and requires very little water compared to cotton. Tested by OEKO TEX Global standards and

certified as safe even for children under the age of 3. (License # BJ025 164353).

Our packaging is made of the same premium bamboo fabric that makes the sheets.

The bags are reusable for better sustainability.

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    1. How long will your organic sheets last?

    Sheets' durability and longevity depend on two main features. The length of the fiber and how aligned the fibers are in a yarn. Longer fibers last much longer and pill far less than shorter fibers. Also, the more aligned the fibers are, the better the overall durability is.
    Sweet Zzz bamboo sheet fibers are extremely long and very aligned, ensuring they last for a very long time. This is exactly why we confidently offer a lifetime warranty on them :)

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    2. Do your sheets shrink?

    Don’t worry! We already thought about that a long time ago :)
    All sheets shrink after washing, but we have designed ours to overcome this problem. During our R&D period, we noticed that bamboo sheets shrink a little after washing but they still have a “maximum shrinkage”. Meaning after many washes they stop shrinking. We built our sheets so that they accommodate this natural shrinkage and become the right size after washing. You can rest assured that this won’t be a problem.

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    3. Will your sheets also be warm enough for winter?

    Yes, they will be warm enough. Our bamboo sheets' temperature-regulating ability helps keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can thank mother nature for Bamboo’s thermoregulation characteristics. Since we only use organically grown bamboo sheets, our sheets keep the bamboo’s natural temperature-regulating feature.

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    4. Are your bamboo sheets cooler than cotton?

    Yes, because bamboo has a natural temperature regulation, our sheets feel cooler and wick away moisture naturally making them feel fresher and more luxurious than cotton. Comfort-wise our bamboo sheets feel softer and silkier because of the shape of bamboo fiber. Similar to 5-star hotel sheets.
    Durability-wise, they last much longer than cotton and don’t pill since the bamboo fibers are extremely long and don’t come apart like cotton.
    Finally, when it comes to sustainability, bamboo trees require very little water compared to cotton, and bamboo trees are the fastest growing plant making them very renewable. Overall our bamboo sheets are gaining popularity very quickly because they are better in just about everything.

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