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Buckwheat Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Buckwheat Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Buckwheat Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Buckwheat Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Buckwheat Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official

Buckwheat Pillow

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Organic Buckwheat Pillow
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  • Organic buckwheat hulls provide the perfect cooling and neck support.
  • Organic cotton pillowcase and cover.
  • Easy to adjust the support and height. Just use the provided cotton bag for extra hulls.
  • Designed with plenty of air circulation and cooling. (Essential for hot sleepers)
  • Known to help with migraine headaches. A pillow method used for thousands of years.
  • 3D-shaped hulls. Every hull works as a tiny cushion for ultimate comfort & support.
  • Sustainable & Certified safe.
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 CERTIFIED. SHMO 079557
  • 50-Day return policy. Enjoy 50 days return policy on all our pillows.
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    Does the buckwheat pillow work well for a side sleeper or a back sleeper?

    Our buckwheat pillow works well for a side sleeper if you adjust it to medium fill.
    They are great, although a little firmer than other pillows.
    You can, however, adjust them to your desired loft. Side sleepers usually need a pillow with a higher loft than back sleepers.

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    Can I buy just a pillowcase so I can have 2 covers for ease of maintenance?

    All you need is to get 1 of our buckwheat pillows. It comes with two covers. This way you can only wash the outer cover.
    Plus it also comes with a bag where you can empty the hulls for washing if you want to wash both covers.

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    How does the buckwheat pillow come packaged?

    Our buckwheat pillows come filled with 5 lbs of organic buckwheat hulls. Encased in two covers made of organic cotton. You can adjust the height and comfort of your own pillow. We also use a sustainable fabric bag for packing.

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    Are the buckwheat pillows treated with fire retardant chemicals?

    No, we do not use any fire retardant chemicals to treat our pillows. They are thoroughly washed in a multi-step cleaning process without chemicals. You can rest assured that you are sleeping on clean hulls.

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    How many pounds of buckwheat hulls are in your buckwheat pillows?

    Traditional size buckwheat pillow comes with 5 lbs of buckwheat hulls. Standard size buckwheat pillow comes with 9 lbs of buckwheat hulls.

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    How do you protect your hulls from insects?

    The only reason bugs are attracted to buckwheat pillows is if the hulls contain any food matter. That only happens with hulls that haven't been cleaned well.
    Our buckwheat hulls are thoroughly cleaned eliminating any source of food for bugs.
    They are cleaned in a non-chemical multi-step cleaning process to eliminate any dust or food particles
    Our pillows also come in two organic cotton zippered pillowcases.

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    What are the pillow dimensions?

    Our buckwheat pillow in Traditional size is (14”L x 20” W) and in Standard size is (17"L x 25"W).
    The height of our buckwheat pillows is approximately 6'' when full. Remember that you can remove hulls to make the pillow better suit you personally.

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    What are the care instructions?

    Only wash the cover and Since the pillow comes with an organic cotton pillowcase, you never have to remove all the hulls to wash the cover. If you wish to clean the inside cover as well, make sure to remove all the hulls first. For the cover, dry clean or hand wash. Hang dry or flat dry. Do not Tumble dry.

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    What is the buckwheat pillow made of?

    Organic cotton cover and pillowcase with organic buckwheat hulls fill. Designed and tested in the USA, Imported.

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    How does the 1-year warranty work?

    Though our buckwheat pillow can last for a lifetime, we still wanted to guarantee it for your peace of mind. The warranty protects against any manufacturing defects and can only be used by the original buyer. Damage to the product caused by improper use or by abuse, misuse or not properly following the care instructions will void the warranty.

Just The Way You Like It!

Remove the fill to get to the ideal pillow loft for you. You can use the pillow bag for the extra fill!

Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillow at 50% fill capacity

50% Fill

Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillow at 75% fill capacity

75% Fill

Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillow at 100% fill capacity

100% Fill

Everyone is talking about our brand and loving our inventions!

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The Perfect 3D Shaped Buckwheat Hulls

When it comes to our buckwheat hulls, we only used organic hulls with their complete 3d shape. Because of the 3d shape, every hull works as a tiny cushion making the pillow comfortable while the hulls together give the ideal firm support.

Zipper of the Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillow is open and showing the buckwheat hulls inside
Two Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillows on a bed on top of each other.

Comfortable, Moldable, & Everlasting

Our buckwheat pillow perfectly contours to your body but the best part about it is that you can adjust it to your preference and then keep it practically forever. The Buckwheat hulls we use are extremely durable and can last a very long time.

Complete Peace of Mind


Our Buckwheat Pillows are built to Last
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Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 770 reviews
Marita McCarty
Wonderful product from a top-notch company

I cannot recommend this company enough. I ordered their buckwheat pillow for my husband who suffers from degenerative disc disease in his neck. The pillow arrived quickly and he so wanted it to help. However, it appears that his disc disease requires way more than a pillow can help. So I requested a refund and return instructions. I received a response within minutes and was promised a full refund within 5 business days. The representative, Diana, was extremely polite and professional and made the process a total breeze. I can attest that this company stands by their 100% customer satisfaction. I highly encourage anyone interested to give them a chance. You will not be disappointed and you have nothing to lose. I will definitely use them again in the future. It was a pleasure dealing with them.

Solved my migraine headache problem

I'm a big guy that tends to toss and turn a lot when I sleep because if I stay in one position too long I get pain in my shoulders and neck. In fact, if I fell into a deep sleep with a regular pillow I would get some kind of neck compression that caused me to wake up with a headaches. I heard about the other buckwheat pillows on Amazon but the reviews made me unsure and led me to this pillow here and I am really glad they did. In the several weeks that I have had this pillow I have had only one minor headache upon awakening and I have learned how not to sleep with this pillow to make sure that doesn't happen again. The pillow is different but I have had no trouble adjusting to it since my sleep and my awakening are so much superior to before. It has the ability to hold my head and neck in the proper position to avoid the compression that caused my headaches. I also roll over a lot less and the quality of my sleep is much better. I think I snore less but my wife says no. This is a great, great product that I recommend as highly as possible!

Side sleepers best friend

Buckwheat hulls support my neck no matter what position I sleep in, but I mostly sleep on my side and the Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillow really delivers in this case. When sleeping with one arm under my head which I usually do and using my buckwheat pillow, I can slide my arm between the pillow and my head, and the buckwheat hulls will move to make the needed space for my arm while still keeping enough support underneath and to the sides. I never feel like my arm is numb in the morning. Another thing that I like to note is how durable this pillow is. Its been at least 5 months since I got it and it still looks like the day I bought it. Even the cover still looks new. Anyway, this is a really good pillow and since it has 50 days with free returns you don’t lose anything trying it.

Better in every way

This buckwheat pillow is pretty much an upgrade to my last one in every way. The Delivery process- literally took 3 days from placing order to receiving it. Speaking of, placing the order was simple and very fast because they HAVE AMAZON PAY. Seriously, this is something everyone needs to have! The package- the pillow came in a beautiful bag and was well protected by the box. Last buckwheat pillow arrived safe and sound too but never looked this good and didn’t have a bag that you can use for the extra buckwheat hulls. The cover- this is where this pillow stands out big time. The last pillow had one outer cotton cover that was somewhat rough. This one comes with a very soft 100% organic cotton cover and another one for the inside (which holds the buckwheat hulls) so it is much cleaner. The organic covers must add to the cooling also because this pillow sleep cooler, which brings me Cooling- this was the reason why I returned the last buckwheat pillow since it made my neck sweat for some reason. I don’t know if its just the cover or the fill as well but this pillow sleeps much cooler. Comfort and support- though both pillows are adjustable and customizable, this one is much heavier because there is more buckwheat hulls meaning you get more for your money. You’ll probably reduce the fill a lot but its always nice to have the broader option for support. The pillow has very good neck support and I will probably keep it for a long time. Value- The pillow I got from Amazon was actually a few dollars less but considering the quality difference the price is absolutely worth it. Overall- This is the best pillow I’ve owned, and I’ve owned a lot of pillows before this. The quality you get for the price is amazing and I absolutely recommend this product.

Jessica Case
Great Little Pillow

I'm very pleased with this purchase. The pillow has a zipper, so you can remove or add additional hulls if needed. The pillow came very full, and I removed quite a few hulls. The company sends a nice little draw string bag, so you can store any removed hulls in there and add back or adjust the amount as needed. The pillow comes with an inner zippered shell, and then it also has a good quality quilted, zippered cover made from organic cotton which can be easily removed for washing. While sleeping, the pillow can be molded in different ways to conform to your head and neck. Buckwheat does rustle when moved and shifted, but I got used to it. The pillow is good quality and thoughtfully designed.