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Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official
Plant - Based Pillow - Sweet Zzz Official

Plant-Based Pillow

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Plant-based down fill - Cotton cover


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  • 100% Vegan Plant-Based Down fill. Softer than down with none of the shortcomings.
  • Plusher down in the outer layer for pressure relief and comfort. (Fixes firm pillow issues)
  • Firmer down in the inner layer for contouring and support. (Fixes soft pillow issues)
  • Designed with plenty of air circulation and cooling cover. (Essential for hot sleepers)
  • 100% natural cotton cover to increase overall cooling and skin-friendliness.
  • Sustainable & Certified as safe for babies and those with sensitive skin.
  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 CERTIFIED. 20.HCN.13239
  • 50-Day return policy. Enjoy 50 days return policy on all our pillows.
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    How Did We Make This Pillow Work For Everyone?

    Simple, we eliminated the 3 issues all pillows have:
    1- Lack of support leading to bad spinal alignment (soft pillow issues)
    2- Lack of comfort leading to numbness and pressured nerves (firm pillow issues)
    3- Lack of cooling leading to overheating and tossing and turning (synthetic pillow issues)

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    How is the Plant Based Pillow any different than other pillows?

    Two things make the Sweet Zzz Plant-Based pillow so unique:
    1- Our unique natural fill. The fill is as luxurious as feathers without the allergies and animal cruelty while still not synthetic. Our plant-based down is the perfect solution with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks.
    2- Our unique comfort/support design. Our pillow uses a less dense fill on the outer layer to feel plush and comfortable and uses a much denser fill on the inside layer for support. This way the pillow is both comfortable and supportive while also being able to work for different people who use different sleep positions.

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    I have neck pain. Will this pillow help? Can it help with arthritis?

    Yes. To help with arthritis, a pillow needs to have the correct amount of support and still be soft enough to alleviate pressure points. The Sweet Zzz Plant Based Pillow was designed to be exactly that!
    Our pillow uses 2 different densities of plant-based down alternative fills to help with firm support and soft comfort. This leaves your neck perfectly aligned while alleviating your neck’s pressure points at the same time.

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    Will this pillow trigger my allergies?

    No. Our pillow is specifically made with plant-based ingredients for both cover and fill to ensure we avoid feather and polyester allergies and issues. It is also certified to be safe for babies and toddlers. Being made of plants also makes it a very sustainable pillow so you can sleep guilt-free :)

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    Can I wash this pillow?

    Yes, here are the care instructions: Machine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. No Iron or steam.

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    What are the pillow dimensions?

    The Plant-Based pillow is 20"x 26" in standard.
    The Plant-Based pillow is 20"x 36" in king.
    Our Plant-based pillow height is 7 inches in the high profile and 5 inches in the low profile

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    What is the Plant-Based pillow made of?

    The cover is made of 100% natural cotton.
    Fill is made of 100% vegan soybean fiber, also known as vegetable cashmere. This is a very green and 100% vegan down alternative that is better than down and down alternative in every possible way.
    Designed and tested in the USA, Imported.

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    What are the care instructions?

    Machine wash cold with like colors. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach.
    Tumble dry low. No Iron, steam, or dry clean

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    How does the 1-year warranty work?

    The 1-year pillow warranty covers any manufacturing defects that the pillow might have.
    Minor imperfections of the cotton cover are not covered.

The All-in-one Pillow

1- Support: 100% Natural Plant Based Down (Firm Density)

- Our pillow’s inner layer is firm and offers the support and contouring needed for better spinal alignment.

2- Comfort: 100% Natural Plant Based Down (Plus Density)

- Our pillow’s outer layer is soft and offers the pressure relief needed and works as a supplement to the firm inner layer so the pillow will support your neck without pushing on your pressure points.

3- Cooling: 100% Natural Cotton Cover

- by using only natural materials like natural cotton cover and plant-based down, air circulates freely through the pillow, and moisture is wicked away. This makes for a cool and comfortable sleeping experience.

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Everyone is talking about our brand and loving our inventions!

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Which Profile Is For Me?


High Profile - 7"

Great For Side Sleepers

Low Profile - 5"

Great For Back Sleepers
& Stomach Sleepers

Perfect For Every Sleeper

We designed the Plant-Based pillow to be just right for any type of sleeper. The way it contours to your head and neck is ideal for any sleeping position.

Woman sleeping on the Plant-Based pillow
Woman sleeping on the Plant-Based pillow

A Pillow Without Any Drawbacks

You don’t have to sacrifice price or quality when you get our comfy pillow because despite being made from the finest natural materials and backed by the best service, The Plant-Based Pillow comes with a very affordable price tag. This is the very definition of affordable luxury.

Complete Peace of Mind


Our pillows are built to Last
So we cover them with confidence


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our pillow

Together, We Can Make Our Planet Greener

We are proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet, an organization dedicated to giving back to environmental causes.1% of every purchase will go toward a greener future.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 837 reviews
Lisa King
Made for side sleepers!!!

I sleep on my side most of the time but my husband who sleeps on his back also likes this pillow.
Anyway, this pillow has EVERYTHING a side sleeper like me needs.
First is the softness. Usually pillows that I end up returning are too soft that my head sinks in too much or too firm where my neck hurts. The Plant based pillow feels very soft and comfortable but as soon as you lay your head on it, it also feels very supportive.

Reading some recommendations on the internet and also some reviews here about how the plant fill helps with the soft comfort but firm support and I can 100% say that is true.

Then I should mention the cooling of this pillow, it's just superb. Finding a pillow that kept me from sweating while sleeping on my side was very hard. some pillows even got the comfort right but never the cooling. Sure they all are cool at first then the cover material turns into a furnace as soon as I sleep on the pillow for more than 5 minutes. This one actually stays cool for the night, a feature I had no idea could be possible. I simply thought all pillows will eventually turn warm and need to be turned during the night.

Finally I should mention the long term quality of this pillow. I have been using it for almost six months now and it looks and feels like the day I got it. I really wished I had found this pillow during my pregnancy, life would have been easier!

Hi Lisa,
Wow. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a beautiful and detailed review.
Your kind words encourage us to continue doing our best to make sure everyone's experience is as remarkable.
Thanks again, and have a wonderful day.

Solomon Moore
"Happy Wife Happy Life" indeed!!!

I waited a little while to write this review. Believe me when I tell you the saying "happy wife happy life" is completely true!

My wife has been having trouble sleeping and falling asleep recently. She constantly complains about her neck. We tried therapy but it only worked so much. We tried many MANY different pillows and nothing worked.
I started researching and I saw this pillow is recommended for neck pain and also has good value. We bought it with a complete lack of enthusiasm and expected nothing from it. The pillow is made from a natural material and feels like the good type of down you get in resorts but the main feature comes from its soft comfort and firm support.

This was exactly what she needed. Other down, feather, or down alternative pillows were too soft or too firm. The first night she slept with the Zzz pillow she woke up a little better. A week later and her pain was almost gone. A month later and her pain was completely gone. We couldn't believe it but a simple pillow fixed our problem and possibly our marriage. She is much happier now and makes me a lot happier in the process. Thank you guys for this product.

Thank you Solomon for your heartwarming review :) It makes us both proud and happy to hear stories like these.

Melanie G
Happy Customer for 8 years straight!

I got most of my bedding from here and so far I have been a happy customer for more than 8 years straight!
I'm currently sleeping on their mattress while also using their blanket. I had their body pillow when I was pregnant and it was quite useful, to be honest.
Now I needed a pillow that feels just like the ones I used to get from Sam's club since they no longer have it. I needed a pillow that is comfortable but can still support my neck. All the pillows so far have been either, or, at best never both these features together.

The Sweet Zzz pillow however delivered on both because it's made of green natural down instead of just toxic fiber. The natural fill feels soft and cool but when you put pressure on it it also holds and gives support. This was just what I was looking for. I honestly noticed the pillow a long time ago but I was very happy with my usual pillows and since I can't get those anymore, I gave these a try.

This pillow is also very cool which is another problem I usually have with other pillows. Another thing to note is that I and my husband are two very different sleepers and we both love this pillow. I highly recommend this pillow! Thank you.
Melanie Gillmor

Thank you so much for being a loyal customer all these years, Melanie. We're very happy that you're enjoying your Sweet Zzz bedding.

Rodney White
Updated Review!

Last review was a year old and when I came back here for some more shopping I felt bad so I'm updating my review.

When I first got these pillows, 1 year ago, they arrived late, and I gave them a lower rating. Well, after receiving them, and enjoying them for the last year, I have to admit, these are amazing pillows.

these pillows are very well made. The seems are finished with a satin cording, an extra element the maker has provided.
Second, the pillows are the right combination of fluffy and firm. third, the company itself and its people are very polite and helpful. If you have to wait for these to be delivered, don't worry they're worth the wait!

Hi Rodney, We really do apricate it that you gave our pillows a fair try and are very happy you liked them :) Thank you very much for your nice compliments


My God these pillows are soft. It’s like sleeping on a freaking marshmallow. And isn’t that just the dream? My husband and I got just one for both of us when we just moved into our new place a couple of months ago and we soon found out that that just wouldn’t do. I mean, I love snuggling up to my man and all but he sort of gets in the way of my hugging the hell out of these clouds. LOL. The pillow provides a great support for my neck despite being so soft and I think that’s amazing. I love the way it sort of just molds into my shape so it feels like I’m really sinking into it and yet, every morning, there it is, still puffy as if it wasn’t almost squeezed to death a few minutes ago. If you like soft hotel pillows, then Sweet ZZZ pillow is the one for you. And if the super snuggly nature doesn’t convince you then allow me to blow your mind: it stays cool all night. That’s right, no more waking up to flip to the cold side. Rejoice!