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Weighted Blanket

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Double-sided cotton/bamboo weighted blanket
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  • Premium 7-layered double-sided bamboo and cotton weighted blanket.
  • Helps with Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Restlessness.
  • Improved thousands of people’s lives by inducing a hug-like safe and secure feel.
  • Double stitched small boxed design to prevent weight shifting and increase durability.
  • Comfortable puppy-like plush cotton side for warmth and coziness.
  • Silky smooth bamboo side for cooling during summertime.
  • Sustainable & Certified as safe for babies and those with sensitive skin.
  • 50-Day return policy. Enjoy 50 days return policy on all our bedding.
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    Do these blankets really help with sleep?

    Yes, The Sweet Zzz weighted blankets are therapeutic in nature. They are made to produce a deep-touch massage therapy that mimics receiving a good hug. They help the body produce relaxation hormones that calm you to sleep.

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    Is your weighted blanket helpful for cramping?

    Our Weighted blankets have been found to be helpful in managing chronic pain such as fibromyalgia and so they can manage cramping just as well.
    It does this by offering a deep touch pressure that helps reduce pain and induce calmness.
    Allowing one to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. However, with that said, you should seek your doctor's advice on whether a weighted blanket is okay to use with the condition you are experiencing just to be safe.

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    What are the factors to consider when choosing a weighted blanket?

    It is recommended that a weighted blanket be between 8% to 12% of a person's body weight. We have the following weight options available:
    A Twin size that measures 60'' x 41'' and weighs 7 Lbs. Good for one person weighing 60- 80 Lbs.
    A Throw size that measures 48'' x 72'' and weighs 10 Lbs. This is very good for individual use. Good for a person who is 80 Lbs to 120 Lbs.
    A queen size measuring 60'' x 80'' and weighing 15 Lbs. This can also be good for personal use for someone weighing between 120 Lbs and 175 Lbs.
    Our king-size 80'' x 87'' at 20 Lbs because the weight is distributed over a large area and could also be used by one person of 180lbs or heavier.

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    Does a queen weighted blanket fit my queen bed?

    Our weighted blanket is a standard size queen which is 60" x 80".
    Queen weighted blankets are not the same as queen regular blankets which are 90" x 90".
    This is done to better distribute weight across the blanket.
    Weighted blankets are therapeutic in nature. They are made with the human body’s needs in mind.
    As such they are not designed according to bed sizes but are based on people's weight.
    It is recommended that a weighted blanket be between 8% to 12% of a person's body weight.

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    Are weighted blankets good for people with arthritis?

    Yes, studies that were done on this subject have proven that weighted blankets help with many conditions and arthritis is one of them. Also, it is worth mentioning that The Sweet Zzz weighted blanket is designed carefully to be even better than the average weighted blanket by using a smaller box design, double stretched edges, and natural materials.

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    Do the glass beads shift?

    We put a lot of our R&D towards this as it is one of the main concerns :)
    By using 7 layers, with a small box design, and double edge stitching we ensure the beads remain evenly distributed without shifting.

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    What are the available sizes and weights?

    7 pounds (41" x 60")
    10 pounds (48" x 72")
    15 pounds (60" x 80")
    20 pounds (60" x 80")
    20 pounds (80" x 87")

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    Are your weighted blankets machine washable?

    We recommend having the blankets Dry Cleaned professionally.
    You can also hand wash the blanket and air dry it.
    Because of its weight and the spinning forces of machine washers, one or both could be ruined by machine washing

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    What is the step by step cleaning process of the weighted blanket?

    Basically, to hand wash the blanket you can:
    Inspect it and pretreat stains with a bit of gentle detergent and water.
    It's usually better to treat the stain as soon as possible to keep it from setting in.
    Fill your bathtub or laundry basin halfway with lukewarm or cold water, never hot.
    Add a small amount of gentle detergent (without bleaching agents or fabric softening agents) The detergent should just be enough to froth a little.
    Submerge the blanket and soak it for about 15 minutes
    Then knead it gently while rubbing the sides together.
    Once you are satisfied it's clean, drain the bathtub with the blanket in it
    Then add clean water, rinse the blanket and repeat until the rinse water is clear.
    Roll the blanket and squeeze it to get rid of excess water, but don't wring it to avoid tearing it. Lay it in a clean flat, airy place for it to dry.
    Ensure it's completely dry before you start re-using it.

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    What is the weighted blanket made of?

    2 sided cover: 100% bamboo and cotton cover.
    Fill: 4 layers of cotton fiber fill with 1 layer of glass beads for weight.
    Designed and tested in the USA, Imported.

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    How does the 5-year warranty work?

    We are so confident in our weighted blankets that we guarantee their quality for five years. The warranty protects against any manufacturing defects and can only be used by the original buyer. Damage to the product caused by improper use or by abuse, misuse or not properly following the care instructions will void the warranty and the trial.

What size should I go with?

  • Icon of weighted blanket

    Fits 1 child

    7 lbs (kids)
    For kids 70 to 90 lbs

  • Icon of weighted blanket

    Fits 1 child

    10 lbs (48" x 72")
    For kids 90 to 120 lbs

  • Icon of weighted blanket

    Fits 1 adult

    15 lbs (60" x 80")
    For adults 120 to 170 lbs

  • Icon of weighted blanket

    Fits 1 adult

    20 lbs (60" x 80")
    For adults 170 lbs and over

  • Icon of weighted blanket

    Fits 2 adults

    20 lbs (80" x 87")
    For adults (couples) 120 lbs and over

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Happiness… A Tuck Away!

The benefits of our weighted blankets have been proven by more than just happy customers. The perfect Deep Touch Pressure offered by our weighted blanket can give you the sensation of being hugged giving you a tranquil feel of relaxation and restfulness.

Young lady half tucked under the Sweet Zzz weighted blanket
little girl laying on the bed reading with the weighted blanket on her

A Quiet, Green, & Therapeutic Build

With a patented 7-layer design, the glass beads make no noise and stay in place. Our glass beads, like the cover, are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and odorless. Our weighted blankets help with Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia, ADD, ADHD, Autism, and Restlessness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3998 reviews
Finally, a good weighted blanket

Oh man… where do I start? I’ve been buying weighted blankets for the past 200 years or at least that’s how long it felt like it was. The first weighted blanket I got was on Amazon and it started leaking beads after 5 weeks so I had to send it back. The second one I got locally and it didn’t feel all that bad but was way too hot. I kept the AC running at 68 and still I just couldn’t get comfortable with it and kept waking up warm. The third was also from Amazon but it had the wrong size and was not as advertised. It was advertised as 60 x 80 while the one I got was 55 x 75 for some reason and couldn’t even return it without paying $15. Weighted blankets are supposed to reduce anxiety but I was becoming depressed from these trash blankets. Finally, my sister told me about this company and she said she’s very happy with them. Well she was right. The sweet zzz organic weighted blanket is worth every penny. It’s very comfortable, not warm at all, and measures exactly 60 x 80. There are two sides to the blanket. The top is fluffy and the bottom is smooth like the bamboo sheets I have. I honestly use the fluffy part as it feels better for me. This blanket has helped me sleep considerably more and I recommend it 100%.

IT WORKS!!! And better yet IT HOLDS

The last three weighted blankets I had from different companies worked almost as well as this one but unfortunately all three fell apart within a few weeks of use. I started researching for the one that people consider the most durable and still has the qualities that I need and ended up here. I’m 5’4” 173 and I had a strong case of insomnia that was probably reduced by 90% after using this 20 lbs organic weighted blanket. I used to wake up a lot during the night and now I go to sleep after 20 to 30 minutes and only wake up once or twice at night. This is more than I could ever dream of. So far I’ve used this one for three months without any issues and I absolutely love it and love the fact that its organic and completely odorless. Unlike the other blankets, this one didn’t smell when I opened the package and felt neat and clean from the start. Now to the reason why I’m giving it 4 stars despite me raving about it! I need to see if this blanket will actually last a little longer before it starts to fall apart on me with glass beads everywhere like the other three I bought before. I will be updating my review in about a year or so but so far and in short, I have no complains and I can sleep again. UPDATE 8/17/2019 Well, we’re half past August of 2019 and now it’s been about a year since I had this weighted blanket and this is what I think. I have changed my review to 5-starts because this product holds very well and I couldn’t be happier. If you take care of it and use the washing instructions, this organic blanket will probably last you as long as it is lasting me. The feel and cooling of the blanket hasn’t changed. I still don’t get warm sleeping with it and I still haven’t noticed the glass beads leaking or anything. I also bought my bamboo sheets about 6 months ago here and like always this company has great products and great service. If you’re looking for a weighted blanket with a great quality that doesn’t sleep warm or leak glass beads after a month then you won’t regret buying this one.

Virginia Fusilier
Weighted Blanket Rest

I had been on the fence about buying a weighted blanket for about a year, now. I have social anxiety and not just once have I hidden away in my bed to recover from the chaos. So when my last blanket finally tore, I looked up best weighted blankets again and happened here. This blanket was rated second best from the rating site I went to (unfortunately I do not have the domain as a reference, my apologies), for best price and most environmentally friendly. They had a sale on their weighted blanket, which I bought, the Queen size, 20lb. They recommend that you get a weight of 10% of your body weight, and the 20lb is just right for me. It came sooner than expected in a reusable bag that you can store in your closet, and the material is so soft. One side is cool and smooth, like an elegant tablecloth, and the other has a smooth but fluffy side. I also bought the duvet cover, although tying every loop together before use was exhausting and I ended up pulling it back out to use on it's own for my own personal preference. The blanket itself barely covers my whole body unless I use it like a diamond, the long corners at my head and toes. Yet it's perfect for me because it's just right, even if I was hoping for a bigger blanket. It warms up exceptionally quickly but keeps you cool at night; it is really well made and I wish I had bought it sooner. The five year warranty and the free shipping were just extra perks to the rest of the already great deal.

Michael Lindenberg
Great Product, Fantastic Company!!

Everything about this blanket was awesome. It was incredibly soft, cool (I sleep hot and it wasn't at all an issue), and it was weighted/balanced perfectly. It felt good to sleep under and provided a cocoon-like feeling throughout the night. Unfortunately, the only reason I bought it was to attempt to address some long standing sleep issues for which nothing else has worked and I am sad to say that this wasn't my "magic bullet" either. Due to some COVID related financial strains I needed to return it after 3 weeks and the process could not have been easier. Prior to buying it I was in touch with customer service and they were responsive, helpful and were extreme wonderful to work with. And that level of professionalism, friendliness and caring continued when I needed to request a return shipping label. I truly can not recommend Sweet Zzz's or the Organic Weighted Blanket strongly enough.

Trevor Schulze
Fantastic blanket.

My wife and I absolutely love this blanket! It is a really nice weight. I like that one side is more cooling, and the other is more soft and warm. The quality seems to be very nice. I also respect and appreciate the fact that it is organic. This blanket has replaced our comforter. Customer service is also stellar. They are responsive, friendly, and helpful. The only negative thing I can say is that I wish they were sized like normal comforters. We have a queen size bed and ordered the king size blanket. And it is very large enough to hang slightly over the edges. ie. If you order a queen size blanket, it is 60 x 80“ which is the size of a queen size mattress, so it will not hang over the edges at all (so we bought a king)