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White Noise Machine
White Noise Machine - Sweet Zzz Official
White Noise Machine - Sweet Zzz Official
White Noise Machine - Sweet Zzz Official
White Noise Machine - Sweet Zzz Official
White Noise Machine - Sweet Zzz Official
White Noise Machine - Sweet Zzz Official

White Noise Machine

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29 Different Background Sounds
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  • 29 different background sounds including nature sounds that were recorded naturally.
  • Easily adjusted volume from very low to very loud.
  • Masks sleep disturbing noises and sound for a smoother sleep experience.
  • Scientifically proven to help you sleep better by making you more relaxed.
  • No subscription required. Can be played while plugged in or charged.
  • Can be automatically turned off after 30/60/90 minutes.
  • FCC and RoHS Compliant. Safe for babies and toddlers.
  • 50-Day return policy. Enjoy 50 days return policy on all our bedding.
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    Does the Sweet ZZz white noise have a volume control and how loud can it turn up?

    Yes, the White Noise Machine has volume control.
    The volume increase button and the volume decrease button are located just before the power button on the bottom row.
    You can long-press the increase button to increase a "ding" prompt that can be heard at maximum.
    Our White Noise machine can be quite loud. Usually, the maximum setting is louder than what most customers need.

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    Can you turn off the night lights?

    Yes, the Sweet Zzz white noise machine has an on/off light button as well as another button to give you control over the different color lights option.

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    Does This white noise machine require WiFi? I'm sensitive to EMFs

    No, our white noise machine does not require WiFi to operate as everything is built-in.
    It comes with natural white, brown, and pink noises along with natural background sounds like rain, sea waves, and singing birds, with no loop at all.
    The sounds are extremely realistic and if you close your eyes, you’ll feel as if you're there!

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    How do I turn the White Noise machine on?

    Please try holding the "ON" button for 5 seconds. That is the lower right side of the machine.
    The lights around the machine should turn on and the sound should start.

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    Does the white noise machine run all night if you don’t set the timer?

    Yes, It has a timer button with 4 settings 30, 60, and 90 minutes of play, and all the time. The white noise machine has an on/off light button. It has a volume control button.
    As well as another button to give you different color lights.

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    Does this machine require a subscription of any kind?

    No, the Sweet Zzz White Noise machine does not require a subscription of any kind.

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    Can the unit be used as a plug-in only, or must it be continually recharged?

    Our White noise machine can be used plugged in or with rechargeable batteries. Battery life is approximately 12 hours.

Relax With 29 Different Background Sounds

  • Icon of White Noise

    White Noise

  • Icon of LullaBy Music

    Lullaby Music

  • Icon of Rain Sounds

    Rain Sounds

  • Icon of Womb Sounds

    Womb Sounds

  • Icon of Natural Fan

    Natural Fan

  • Icon of Fireplace


  • Icon of Sea Waves

    Sea Waves

  • Icon of Singing Birds

    Singing Birds

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Rest & Relax

By masking any outside sounds, white noise actually increases your deep sleep and trains your brain to relax. Every time there is a distracting sound like a dog barking, for example, your deep sleep is interrupted even if you don’t completely wake up.

Sweet Zzz white noise machine on a nightstand next to a child
Sweet Zzz white noise machine on a nightstand in a bedroom

Natural No-loop Background Sounds

Enjoy natural white, brown, and pink noises along with natural background sounds like rain, sea waves, and singing birds, with no loop at all. The sounds are extremely realistic and if you close your eyes, you’ll feel as if you're there!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 178 reviews
Mark N
Makes my life a little easier and I'm thankful for that.

I lost my wife to childbirth and so I’ve had to raise our baby all by myself. As you can imagine, there were several nights of sleeplessness, exhaustion, and frustration, as a result of all the crying (sometimes mine as well). I was walking through the park one day when I overheard a lady with a baby talking to her friend about the wonders of the white noise machine, and how it helps her and her baby relax and have peaceful nights. What do I have to lose? I thought. Placed an order then and there after a search for time on my phone. Best decision ever. Now we both get to sleep a little more. I try to pick a new sound every night in case by any chance he gets used to one and it stops working. And till now I haven’t run out of sounds and it plays on through the night too. THANK you for this.

Katy F
What a feat of engineering

I love the nature sounds that the machine has, they’re absolutely amazing. I’ve always loved camping growing up but my husband’s new job took us to a place where that’s just infeasible—but the White Noise Machine makes up for it. On the weekends, my four-year-old son and I pitch a tent out on the patio, and the machine is outside the tent, yeah, just stimulating the experience. It’s really fun cause there’s no obvious looping during playback so it’s as if we’re really out in the forest camping. And that’s a feat of engineering right there.

David G
Have a loud buggy for a roommate? Get this!

My roommates all snore, LOUDLY; like elephants in my house, kind of a snore. It’s loud enough to pass through the freaking walls, for crying out loud. If they’re in the house I couldn’t think, I couldn’t study, and… and this is important… I couldn’t sleep. I got the recommendation of a white noise device from my elder sister. She promised to pay for it and, if it didn’t work, as long as she returned it within 50 days, she was guaranteed to get her money back. I agreed. And let me tell you, I have slept better in the last seven days than in the entire six months I have spent with my “swallowed a buggy” roommates. An absolutely worth every penny of a device.

Best thing I’ve gotten this year!!!

I’ve always had issues with sleeping—probably because I’m always thinking about something or the other: either work or the kids or money. Basically, there’s always something on my mind. Recently though, my wife got me this machine and, honestly, at first, I had my doubts about it. I mean, a bunch of weird sounds putting me to sleep? How does that work? Thus, I really couldn’t believe it when it actually started working. The look on my wife’s face when I woke up the next morning wondering how I dozed off was hilarious and since then, there’s no night when I don’t have this on. I’ve had much better nights and my days are so much more productive now. I’m more active, things don’t set me off as much as they used to and I just feel so much happier. Getting this machine is one of the best things to happen to me.

Skyler W
1 Year later update!

So I've been using this machine for 1 year now and it's still an amazing device. Here is what I think of it: 1- The sounds are amazing. Every sound you pay from the 30 or so choices is natural, smooth, and very relaxing. For example from my experience with another machine I had, the sounds there felt unnatural and forced. Here they feel like you are literally there. The sound of sea waves, for example, every wave feels different and after relaxing to it for a year I still can't believe it was recorded and that I'm not actually next to the sea! 2- Background sound choices. There are quite a lot of choices here. First you got a few different White noises to choose from then you have the many nature sounds like rain, fireplace, water and so on. You also have a few baby sounds and lullabies (I don't use these) 3- Durability. The device is still in perfect working condition, even though I accidentally dropped it a few times! The touch and feel of the device feel like quality. The other one I got from Amazon felt cheap. the buttons felt like cheaper plastic. The cover also felt like someone trying to go for a budget device. This one on the other hand feels and looks like high end quality. 4- Everything else. The device is fairly easy to use and I don't think anyone is going to struggle with it. The battery now lasts a little less than what it used to but that's okay since you would have it plugged in anyway. Overall, I would say, considering the features V.S price, this is a truly 10/10 machine and I highly recommend it after a year of use.

Wow. Thank you so much for such a detailed and kind review. We really do appreciate all the time you took writing it :)