Why Do You Need a Mattress Protector?

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A goodnight's rest often means a good quality mattress, but those don’t come cheap. To get a good quality mattress you often need to spend a small fortune, that’s why protecting your investment is crucial. A mattress protector does just that.

But most people shrug off mattress protectors as only necessary for children, or people suffering from incontinence. In truth, everyone needs a mattress protector, because the bed can easily become one of the grossest places in the house. Factors like moisture from sweat and the dead skin cells we shed can create a cesspool of dirt on our mattresses. This, in turn, can negatively affect our health.

This article delves deep into the reasons why you need a mattress protector.

What is a Mattress protector?

To start with, what is a mattress protector? Most people confuse mattress protectors, pads, and toppers. Let's clarify what each of these three is:

A mattress pad is a thin layer of cushioning that can be added to a mattress to increase its comfort. It’s usually made with a quilted design and added into a fitted sheet. While a topper is a much thicker layer that is usually added on top of a mattress to increase its softness and comfort.

A mattress protector, on the other hand, is a very thin layer of removable bedding that sits on top of or encloses a mattress. It looks very similar to a fitted sheet. It can combine a variety of materials, to provide spillage protection or allergen protection.

Most mattress protectors are made from cotton, polyester, nylon, or spandex. Some performance materials like cotton, bamboo, or Tencel help thermoregulate temperature, which can serve as an additional benefit to getting a protector.

Why do you need a mattress protector?

Now that we know what a mattress protector is, why do you need it?

One would be forgiven for thinking that mattress protectors are for children who pee in bed. The truth is, as we pointed before, the mattress is a rather filthy place and not the easiest thing to clean.

To prove just how gross a mattress can be without a protector on it, a 2002 Norwegian study found that a mattress without a protective cover contained 40.5% more dust mite and dust mite feces on it, than a mattress with a protector on.

With these findings and the reasons listed below, it’s easy to see why it’s necessary to get a mattress topper.


  • Keeps your mattress clean
  • We toss dirty clothes and sheets into the washing machine at least once weekly. The mattress, on the other hand, can’t be easily cleaned and while you can vacuum it. That still doesn’t get rid of stains caused by body fluids. Neither does it take care of mold growing inside the mattress because of moisture from sweat.

    A good mattress protector can help you keep your mattress clean, adding years to your investment. This is because mattress protectors can easily be tossed into the washing machine and cleaned like any laundry.

    • Promotes a healthy sleep environment

    As mentioned before, your mattress is often the home to dust mites, sweat, dead skin cells, and even bed bugs. By investing in a mattress protector, you keep your bedding environment clean and healthy.

    • Keeps bugs off

    Beds are home to dust mites who like to feed on our dead skin. Study shows that humans shed 1 billion skin cells annually while sleeping. Dust mites feed on nothing else other than dead human skin cells. A mattress can harbor anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million dust mites. These facts helped a study conclude that 10% of a pillow's weight after two years, is as a result of dead skin cells and dust mites. Ick. To add to the horror, bed bugs are also fond of the bed, since they feed on human blood.

    Luckily, a mattress protector, especially a 6 sided hypoallergenic mattress protector can keep these pestilences off your bed. In fact, putting an enclosed mattress protector on a bug-ridden mattress, for a full year can help completely kill the bugs and their eggs.

    • Fights Allergies

    There are mattress protectors made with hypoallergenic materials such as bamboo. This helps fight allergens. Also, in general, mattress protectors can be cleaned to rid them of dust and pet dander. Substances that trigger asthma attacks.


  • Protect your warranty
  • A mattress is an investment and a costly one at times. Most mattress warranties come with a special voiding clause. The clause always states that stains on the mattress will void the warranty.

    The truth is, a spill, an accident, or a tiny stain can leave your mattress damaged and your warranty voided. This prevents you from returning the mattress if you are not happy with what you received.

    If you want to protect your investment, then a mattress protector is a must.


  • Prevention of mold
  • Waterproof Mattress protectors also reduce allergic reactions by reducing preventing mold from growing in the mattress.


  • Prevents moisture and stain damage
  • Spilling drinks, children accidents, sexy accidents, pet accidents, the list is endless. All these expose your mattress to damage from liquids and as explained above might lead to the voiding of your warranty. When leftover long periods these liquids/fluids will stain your mattress and produce bad odors.

    Another cause of moisture damage can be excessive sweating a condition called night sweat which leaves your mattress soaked. Waterproof mattress protectors prevent mattresses from soaking up the unwanted moisture.

    • Keeps the mattress looking and feeling new

    Any moisture will erode the mattress’s foam reducing its life span. Continuous exposure to moisture only wears down the mattress further which might require you to replace the mattress. This problem is easily sorted with a waterproof mattress protector

    Types of Mattress protector

    With mattress protectors, one size doesn’t fit all. Mattress protectors come in a variety of materials to offer different functions.

    Basic mattress protectors are meant to prolong your mattress’s life. They also help prevent spillages and stains.

    Higher-end mattress protectors, on the other hand, can help with thermoregulation, prevent dust mite, and bedbug infestation. Thus, helping fight off allergens.

    As the functions, and the materials used differ, so does the price. As such it's good to determine what you need the mattress protector for. In the next section, we discuss different uses of mattress protectors.

    Uses of mattress protectors

    Everyone needs a mattress protector for their mattress. Remember, you are safeguarding your investment. But, if you fall in any of the categories of sleepers below, then you should consider getting one today.

    • Those with Children

    Children are accident-prone often spilling drinks or even wetting the bed at a young age. This exposes both your mattress and theirs to easy damage hence the need or mattress protector.

    • Those with Pets

    We love our pets, but we know that pets can be messy. A mattress protector will protect your mattress from drool, pet dander, or even pee.

    • Those who suffer from allergies

    Dust mites are the most common cause of allergies. That coupled with pet dander, dandruff, and dead skin can cause you serious allergies. This denies you the restful sleep that you need and can cause health issues. This problem, however, is easily fixed with a good quality mattress protector.

    • Those who like hosting guests

    If you host your family and friends often or, rent out your home or spare rooms to travelers then you should seriously think about getting a mattress protector soon.

    Your aim as a host is to offer your guests a hygienic place to stay while protecting your mattress from any spills and damage.

    -Those who may come into contact with bed bugs

    This is very common in hotels and college rooms. If you travel a lot or you often get to work in dirty environments, then you might want to invest in a mattress protector. College dorms are also prone to bedbug infestations. You want to invest in a mattress protector that completely encloses your mattress, keep this crawlies off your bed.


    Hopefully, it’s now plain to see, why you do need a mattress protector. Mattress protectors are not only useful for preventing spillage and stains from seeping onto the mattress but can improve your sleep.

    A hypoallergenic mattress protector will fight off allergy causing allergens and help you sleep more comfortably. A mattress protector is also crucial for protecting your mattress investment. We cannot mention all these benefits of a mattress protector and forget to mention, that it also keeps your mattress clean and enhances its longevity.

    So, if you were torn on whether you need a mattress protector or not. I hope that this read has helped you see why you truly need a mattress protector.

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